Tuesday, September 26, 2023

APRIL FOOLS – West High School Construction

The four cardinal directions are north, south, east, and west. Accordingly, the four Williamsville high schools are North, South, East, and ... West???  Yes,...

The East Side News makes its IPO (April 1st Edition)

The East Side News made its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange this past week, and investors are excited. The media conglomerate, which generates millions of dollars per year, is an investor magnate.

Teachers Can See Your Tabs In New Zoom Update (April 1st Edition)

Get ready because teachers are already able to update their Zoom accounts. Here are some things you need to know about these new updates.

APRIL FOOLS – UB announces change in acceptance policy for the class of 2021

by Nikitha Kamath Whether you are confident about the existence of climate change, staunchly believe that vaccination is a hoax or find yourself wondering if...

APRIL FOOLS – The Sabres go Swedish

by Colleen Meosky It’s no secret that the Buffalo Sabres roster includes many Swedish names. It was the reason why the team was selected...

Prince Philip Caught With a Cultural Artifact to Gain Immortality (April Fools Edition)

A major scandal has rocked the United Kingdom once again. The BBC has reported that Prince Philip has been caught at an unknown location in the Middle East with the Holy Grail. Reports say that Prince Philip used the Grail to achieve immortality. The Grail was reported stolen after an American archaeologist was last seen with it in the 1930s. Buckingham Palace has quickly issued a statement saying, “We strongly deny any accusation made against Prince Philip that he achieved immortality through stealing a cultural artifact.” In June, Prince Philip turns 100 years old and people have often asked how he has achieved his level of longevity. It seems that people finally have the answer to that question, stealing cultural artifacts. Given that he is a member of the Royal Family, Prince Philip cannot be charged with a crime.

APRIL FOOLS – Joe Biden announces ice cream pop-up shops

by Joelle Silvestri and Maler Suresh Biden vs. Sanders, the battle of the year. With the next elections coming, YOU may be wondering who...

APRIL FOOLS – Russ Feingold accepts Democratic nomination

Today, DNC chairman Tom Perez announced that former three term Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold will be the party’s nominee for the 2020 election. ...

APRIL FOOLS – RussiaCo Company Profile

While the DOW Jones and nearly every company might be taking hits right now, one new company that recently established itself has been...

APRIL FOOLS – A Modest Proposal: Year-Long Remote Learning

Over my previous weeks devoted to frequent meditation and the study of human nature, I have concluded that the shift we see today...

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