Thursday, January 27, 2022

Lakers’ Struggles

The Lakers have had a very weak start to the season with several embarrassing defeats, with some games culminating into blowouts. They have lost far too many games that, by most measures, they should have won. If they are to hold onto their playoff dreams, the Lakers will need to change up their performances and moves. So, why are the Lakers playing this way? Well, there are two reasons. Firstly, Lebron James has been out with injuries for multiple games. Secondly, the Lakers’ group is almost completely composed of new players. 

NFL Top 5 QBs this season

Which of the NFL's quarterbacks stands a cut above the rest? Check out our top five QBs in the NFL this season and see for yourself!

Matt Breida: Fools Gold?

Matt Breida is the Buffalo Bills first year running back. He is a very fast player and would give everyone’s team at least one big play a game. He is not only a speedster, but he is also a great underdog story. Now though, the Bills need to find out if they struck gold or if they are playing with pyrite (fools gold). Matt Breida is number 22 on the Bills, and he has been amazing over the past couple of weeks for them. In Breida’s career he has been a great back who can’t catch a break. 

Henry Ruggs’ Fall From Glory

Henry Ruggs has definitely been one of the most promising young prospects in modern day football. He has the speed to be a running back or receiver, he has the arm strength of an emergency QB and he is one of the best return men in the game. Now Henry Ruggs is facing up to 46 years in state prison. This is a very sad thing to see especially because Henry Ruggs was definitely one of the league's best prospects ever. 

MLB World Series Recap

For the 2021 World Series matchup it was a great matchup between two very accomplished franchises.

The Diggs Brothers

The Diggs brothers Stefon and Trevon are arguably the NFL’s best siblings in the league this year. Trevon is a corner and older brother Stefon a receiver.

The Sabres’ Surprising Start

Delivering quite a shock to the hockey world, the Buffalo Sabres have started their season as one of the best teams in the National Hockey League.

Premier League Matchday 10

Matchday 10 officially concludes a quarter of the premier league season, and the title race is starting to unfold.

NBA Teams That Could Surprise You

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers have made some questionable moves this offseason. They brought in Russell Westbrook which was definitely a good move on their part. People would call some of their moves bad like bringing Dwight Howard back again. Two more very questionable signings were Trevor Ariza and Melo Anthony. The thing with Melo is he was only brought in because he is LeBron’s best friend. LeBron is getting everything he wants and the Lakers aren’t looking at their future at all. One of their youngest players is Malik Monk and the thing is he will never be the future of any team because he just isn’t as good as people wanted him to be. The Lakers have two shots at a world title left and then they will be one of the worst teams in the NBA again and this time LeBron won’t be there to save them. The Lakers need to start looking at the future. Overall, I give the Lakers a C for this offseason and this season they will go 50-32 through 82 games. 

The Six Best Teams from the NCAA’s Best Conference with the addition of Alabama

Iowa: After a surprising loss to Purdue, the chances of Iowa winning the Big 10 are in doubt. Iowa no longer has to play a ranked opponent this season, helping their odds to claim a spot in the College Football Playoff. Their ability to do so depends on the play of their redshirt junior quarterback, Spencer Petras. Due to their loss against Purdue, Iowa will have to depend on other top teams in the Big 10, such as Ohio State and Michigan, to struggle and lose at least one more game.

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