Saturday, November 26, 2022

LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves Surprising Departure From The Postseason

This MLB season has been very crazy. I mean, the Dodgers set their franchise record for how many wins they had in a season, and the Braves looked like they could be the only team in the Dodgers’ way of winning the whole thing, but both teams took a hike very early in the playoffs this year. The Dodgers were heavy favorites, but they dropped three straight games.

Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have been one of the best NBA teams in recent memory. There is no team better than them, but there are a few issues as of recent with this team. One is definitely that they have a bad case of locker room cancer named Draymond Green. He is definitely a huge problem with his anger, and it showed when he decided to punch his teammate Jordan Poole.

A Step in the Right Direction

The hockey season has arrived, but in Buffalo, is that good or bad? The Buffalo Sabres have been the laughingstock of the National Hockey League for the past decade, missing the playoffs eleven seasons in a row.

Cooper Rush or Dak Prescott

Cooper Rush entered the ball game in week 1 this year against the Bucs. The Cowboys looked like one of the worst teams in the league at that point, but now, after a few weeks, they have actually made some great sports commentators put them in the top 5.

NFL’s Top Five Quarterbacks

A list and analysis of the top five quarterbacks currently in the NFL.

NFL Rookie Rankings

A list and analysis of the top six rookies for this season of the NFL.

2022 US Open: One to Remember

As the emotional, exhilarating ride at the 2022 US Open finally drew to a close on Sunday, September 11th, it becomes clear that this year’s US Open will be engraved in the hearts of tennis fans for years to come.

NFL Preview

I believe they could have a future MVP Jalen Hurts. They have one of the best receivers in the league AJ Brown and a very good o-line. The defense is getting better and all around this team plays really well.

NBA Top 6 players in the League Right Now

The top player in the league right now is Kevin Durant- he has been so good for so long. So many times I will watch KD shoot the ball and it goes in, it seems like he never misses from anywhere.

NFL trades and free agency: rumored and confirmed

With the new League Year opening up, let’s take a look at the latest personnel news!

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