Thursday, October 28, 2021

3As and the 3A: Women’s Figureskating Predictions at Sambo 70 for Beijing 2022

Following a delayed and somewhat anticlimactic Summer Olympics in Tokyo just three months ago, the Winter Olympic season begins. Women’s singles figureskating, recently renamed from “ladies” has recently intensified in rivalry, due mostly to the explosion of strong teenage female skaters from Russia. 

Week Five of College Football is Over….What Just Happened?

The Big Ten is no joke this year; it's not just Ohio State dominating the field and getting their nearly-automatic bid. The Big Ten owns half the College Football Playoff and nearly half of the Top Ten.

Teenage Breakthroughs at the US Open

This year's US Open contained many interesting storylines: an 19 year old Canadian beating four consecutive top 20 players, an 18 year old winning a major without losing a set, and an 18 year old defeating the third seed in an epic five-setter.

The Lakers and The Nets

The Lakers and Nets arguably have the two best teams in the NBA right now. The Lakers added Russell Westbrook, who is coming off a season averaging a triple double, and several very strong role players on minimum wages. The Nets, on the other hand, added Paul Millsap and retained nearly every other player from their previous season.

What Offseason Challenges Will the Sabres Face?

By Colleen Meosky Here we are again folks; watching rivals compete for the Stanley Cup while Buffalo’s hockey players are well into their golf seasons....

Aslan Karatsev: The Secret Weapon

After winning the ATP Cup on February 2, World No. 4 Daniil Medvedev stepped up to give a speech on behalf of Team Russia. Medvedev first congratulated Team Italy on making the final before turning his attention to one teammate in particular, Aslan Karatsev. Karatsev did not play a significant role in terms of Russia’s win, as both Medvedev and Rublev won all of their singles matches, but that did not mean he didn’t have an impact. Medvedev said, “Aslan, I’m not joking, was our secret weapon for doubles.” The little known Russian from Vladivkavkaz was only playing the ATP Cup because third ranked Russian Karen Khachanov decided not to participate. Just two weeks later, Karatsev made the semifinals of the Australian Open and leapfrogged into the Top 50 after never being inside of the Top 100 during his entire career. So, how did he get there?

Italian Open Men’s Recap

After underwhelming clay seasons, both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic entered the Italian Open in Rome with the hopes of gaining confidence before the upcoming grand slam, Roland Garros. Nadal entered the Italian Open with a 9-2 record on clay this season, suffering losses in the quarter-finals of both the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters and Mutua Madrid Open to Russian Andrey Rublev and German Alexander Zverev.

Kyrie Irving and Islam

Ever since Kyrie Irving started writing “Allah” in parentheses next to whenever he wrote “God” in his tweets of prayers and statements, there has been speculation about whether Irving had converted to Islam.

Sabres Find New Life Under Granato

Under interim head coach Don Granato, the young players are developing and actually scoring. The Sabres have a newly found confidence, and they are embracing their identity as a talented but young group.

Poor Results Lead to Krueger’s Dismissal

This St. Patrick’s Day two members of the Sabres coaching staff weren’t very lucky. Head coach Ralph Krueger and assistant coach Steve Smith were dismissed from their positions earlier that morning. While it’s not surprising given the ten game losing streak, it has caused quite the stir for the hockey media and the disappointed fan base.

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