Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Soccer Briefing

This undoubtedly has been one of the greatest years in the history of European soccer. In most European leagues there are no playoffs games....

NFL Stadiums Not Viable

By: Leena Sen NFL Commissioner RogerGoodell has said that the current stadiums in the cities of Oakland, St. Louis, and San Diego are inadequate, and...

So Close Yet Still So Far: Sabres Fight for Wildcard Spot

For the first time in a decade, the Buffalo Sabres are on the cusp of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. While the young talent has been blossoming this season, do Sabres fans dare get their hopes up?

The Heartwarming Story of Devon and Leah Still

By Omkar Pratapwar On June 2nd, 2014, Cincinnati Bengals DT Devon Still received the worst news that any parent can receive, that his child had cancer....

Bills Bye Week Update

The Buffalo Bills are leading the AFC East in the bye week with seven wins and three losses. They will be facing highly competitive teams following the bye week so holding onto the lead will be no easy task.

LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves Surprising Departure From The Postseason

This MLB season has been very crazy. I mean, the Dodgers set their franchise record for how many wins they had in a season, and the Braves looked like they could be the only team in the Dodgers’ way of winning the whole thing, but both teams took a hike very early in the playoffs this year. The Dodgers were heavy favorites, but they dropped three straight games.

The Six Best Teams from the NCAA’s Best Conference with the addition of Alabama

Iowa: After a surprising loss to Purdue, the chances of Iowa winning the Big 10 are in doubt. Iowa no longer has to play a ranked opponent this season, helping their odds to claim a spot in the College Football Playoff. Their ability to do so depends on the play of their redshirt junior quarterback, Spencer Petras. Due to their loss against Purdue, Iowa will have to depend on other top teams in the Big 10, such as Ohio State and Michigan, to struggle and lose at least one more game.

NFL Rookie Rankings

A list and analysis of the top six rookies for this season of the NFL.

Bills First Quarter Season Grade

The NFL season is 16 games and can be divided into 4 quarters. I will take a look at the state of the Bills...

Sabres Begin Their Season

On January 14, the Sabres played their opening game to the 2020-21 season against the Washington Capitals. Buffalo lost 4-2 after a long, slow-paced game. The following night the Sabres improved their defensive game but couldn’t create enough offensive momentum in a much closer 2-1 defeat. (It’s important to note that while both Linus Ullmark and Jack Eichel played in the games, neither of them were prepared enough due to Ullmark’s immigration issues and Eichel’s upper-body injury acquired in off-ice training.) This is clearly not what the team or fans wanted for the first double header.

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