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Billboard’s Top Ten Songs of 2023

The end of the year grants the perfect opportunity to reflect on some musical hits of the year! The Billboard Year-End Charts rank music relative to their performance streaming across all platforms and for all genres. From these hot 100 songs, let’s take a look at the top ten songs of 2023!

Food For the Holidays: Recipes to Try Out

The holiday season is approaching, and many of us are planning to make seasonal desserts and food for their parties or family gatherings.  Sometimes, though, it’s hard to find a dish that all or most of your family members would like, so here at East Side News, we’re offering variations of different dishes that could make the holiday season just a bit more fun.  

Fun Things To Do Over This Holiday Break

The holiday season has finally come upon us, calling upon a new season of festive activities you can do with friends and family to pass the time and enjoy the celebrations.

Holiday Movies to Add to Your Watchlist

With the holiday season next week, free time is just around the corner--which means there’s time to watch a Christmas classic movie to prepare for the season.

Gifts to Spend Your Money on This Holiday Season

With the holiday season right around the corner, the gift buying season follows closely behind. Here are some ideas to get for the people in your life:

Top 10 War Movies to Commemorate Veterans Day

By Armita Rohani Saving Private Ryan (1998) Directed by Steven Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan follows the story of how eight men trek into the heart of...

Time to Chill: 30 Things to Do This Fall For Relaxation

Everyone needs to take some time off for themselves this busy fall season! If you have downtime, here are some ideas for how to spend it in a way that doesn’t involve doom-scrolling and promotes healthy habits.

15 Books to Add to Your Fall Reading List

A list of books to unwind and read this fall!

Top 5 Local Ice Cream Places

By Grace Delisanti, Alexa Hall, Vivian Rung, and Nick Schopp Dairy Queen Dairy Queen is a classic. You always know what you are going to get;...

Top 10 Most Listened to Artists in 2023

Worth over $25.9 billion dollars and with 523 million people streaming songs every day, the music industry dominates pop culture and entertainment globally. Around 40,000 new tracks are uploaded on a daily basis, and more than 100 million songs exist in the world today. New artists and musicians pop up globally, with some rising to fame more rapidly than others.

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