Saturday, February 27, 2021

Help Send Valentines to the Elderly

Girl Up is making placemats for residents to have to go along with their meals on Valentine’s Day to brighten this time of the day for them.

Drama Club is Back!

Mrs. LoVullo, the club advisor, has started offering master classes for club members.* Master classes are Zoom classes that focus on acting and multiple types of dance. Mrs. LoVullo teaches the classes from Room 210 with a webcam for demonstrating dances.

Cook it up with the Flavors of East Cookbook

The Flavors of East cookbook is full of recipes from teachers, staff, and especially the students of Williamsville East.

Girl Up Meets Olympic Gold Medalist, Emily Pfalzer!

The Olympic gold medalist shared her experiences and the trials and triumphs of being a professional female hockey player.

How East Celebrates the Holidays and Winter

I sent out a survey asking students and teachers to tell us their favorite aspects of the holiday season. Here’s what December looks like for East, according to the 150 responses we received.

A Check-In on Ally Meetings

How do you stay motivated to be present in school when you’re not even physically there? And how do you stay connected to others when interaction has been replaced by monotonous hours spent in front of a computer? That’s where Ally meetings come in.

East Students’ Perspectives on the Election

By Allison Li and Colleen Meosky In the last week of October, students at East were given a survey asking them about their perspectives on...

What a Normal Workload Looks Like During Remote Learning

Seven students said they have four hours of homework a night, and six students said they have 3 hours.

Upcoming School Spirit Days

One of the numerous changes to this school year was having no homecoming week in September. However, the student council decided to organize school spirit events for when the kids in the hybrid instructional model return to East. It is set up so both cohorts A and B will be able to experience the same spirit days.

An Outsider’s Perspective

Oftentimes when we go through a school system with nothing else to compare it to, the experiences can get blurred. Many of the everyday things become boring when we get used to them. This happened to me before I switched from a charter school in New Hampshire to Williamsville East High School this summer. However, with a fresh set of eyes, I’ve been able to see some of the unique and interesting aspects of Williamsville East that makes us all lucky just for being able to attend. Yes, even though we have been forced to pursue online schooling, I still feel that the experience at East is special and noteworthy.

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