Monday, January 30, 2023

The WITS Romance

Having constant access to grades is an universal experience here at the Williamsville Central School District. However, is this system truly beneficial for learning, or is it a detriment? In this article, I interviewed several students to get a better understanding of how students feel about this system within the wall-less halls of East. As it turns out, opinions vary wildly among students.

Girls Varsity Tennis Goes to States

The Williamsville East high school girls varsity tennis team had a wonderful season this year. With a draw of tough opponents and hard games, they managed to place second in their division, barely losing to Clarence by one match. While the entire team didn’t get to go to states, ECICS arrived and some of their star players managed to beat everyone else in the tournament.

East’s Fall Favorites

To get a taste for how the East community likes the season of turning leaves, the East Side News surveyed students and faculty to learn their opinions of all things fall!

Drama Club Presents Murder on the Orient Express

With the Fall Play, “Murder on the Orient Express,” already having rehearsals, now is the perfect time to ask Mrs. LoVullo – the director – questions about this amazing performance only one month away.

Fantastic B-EAST-S and Where to Find Them – Homecoming Preview

Perhaps the only saving grace of school starting is that the first big event of the year, Homecoming, is coming up very soon! In gearing up for this year’s (partial) week of school spirit and events, let’s discuss what Homecoming ‘22 will entail for East.

Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?

Are we finally entering a “normal” school year? What even is that anymore? We are finally coming back to a year like the beginning of time, okay not really, more like back to freshman year for me.

The Case for Shorter School Days

In America, a typical school day is around 6.5 hours long. At East, school starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:45. Students have to wake up even earlier in the “bleary bruise” of the morning to catch the bus. However, this article will not focus on early start times

[VIDEO] Time for Exams: Are You Ready?

After two years, timed exams will be returning to Williamsville East in June 2022. The last timed exam was in January 2020, shortly before the school was shut down due to the pandemic.

[VIDEO] Is East Prepared for an Emergency?

East is a very unique school where some rooms have four walls and a door and some rooms have one wall and no door. Ms. Sweeney, who teaches math on the third floor, has an open classroom with one wall. Mrs. Creahan, who teaches art on the first floor, has only makeshift walls and no door. Mrs. Bedore, a Spanish teacher on the second floor, has three walls and no door. 

[VIDEO] Williamsville East Girls Varsity Lacrosse 2022

The East girl’s lacrosse team has had a very successful, and fun season this year. With a record of 9 and 7, they managed to win a lot while still making time for fun.

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