Thursday, October 28, 2021

[Video] Dr. Shewan on The Bonfire (Interview)

Philip interviews Dr. Shewan upon graduation and Doc's retirement.

[Video] East Side News Report: Williamsville East Varsity Baseball

The Williamsville East Varsity Baseball team has been on a roll this year winning game after game. Featuring 1st place ranking in ECIC Division II, top 20 placement in New York State, and 9 home runs as of June 14th, the team is a true force to contend with.

[Video] Let’s Cheer for Track: A Field for the Varsity Teams

East’s Varsity Track and Field Teams will be sending their strongest team members to two sectional meets this month. On June 17, they’ll be up against ten other schools at Pioneer Central High, and on June 24, they will be competing against eleven teams at Hamburg Central High.

[Video] You Got Served by East’s Boys Varsity Tennis

The East’s Varsity Boys’ tennis team has had a successful season so far. Led by Coach Monkarsh, they have worked very hard and put in a lot of time to be where they are today.

[Video] Track’s Lack of Runnovations: The Story Behind Tracks Funding

Despite this, track has yet to receive any of the renovations that football, soccer and baseball have. Over the past couple years, these other teams have gotten new fields and turf while the track team has yet to receive any comparable renovations.

[Video] East Softball Keeps Up Their Two Year Long Winning Streak

Despite the setbacks, the girls still have a positive attitude. Co-captain and shortstop Abbie Stellrecht said, “I think everyone’s a lot more grateful just to be on the field since our last season was nonexistent.”

East FBLA Gets Another Successful SLC

As one of the largest chapters in the state, East proved itself to be a high-performing school yet again, competing in a total of 49 events and sending three candidates running for State Office.

[Video] East Unveils New Music Department Expansion and Renovation

Excitement levels are high all across East. From a survey where 81.4% of participants were involved in the music department, a considerable 92.7% of students and faculty said that they were excited about the expansion.

[Video] How Has COVID Impacted Assessments at Williamsville East?

Different teachers across the school’s various departments have employed an assortment of new strategies to assess if students are genuinely learning, while trying to minimize both cheating and technological hurdles. Students have had to adjust their studying habits while enormously increased screen-time puts their dedication to the test.

Seniors Know a Thing or Two About High School

Seven seniors responded to a survey to share what they learned about grades, socialization, school clubs, and what’s important. What they said can help us to make our years of high school the best we can make it.

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