Sunday, June 4, 2023

Top 10 Most Listened to Artists in 2023

Worth over $25.9 billion dollars and with 523 million people streaming songs every day, the music industry dominates pop culture and entertainment globally. Around 40,000 new tracks are uploaded on a daily basis, and more than 100 million songs exist in the world today. New artists and musicians pop up globally, with some rising to fame more rapidly than others.

ATEEZ Becomes the First Fourth Generation K-Pop Group to Perform at London’s O2 Stadium

As part of the European leg of their [THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL] tour, ATEEZ performed to a sold-out O2 Stadium of 20,000 people in London on February 22. They are the first fourth-generation K-Pop group and the fourth overall to perform at the venue.

Beasts of No Nation: A Film Review

An unflinching and powerful story of a young boy’s life in a West-African country torn apart by war, Beasts of No Nation is quite possibly one of the best films of 2015, if not the decade.

PIXY’s CHOSEN KARMA: “I’ll Decide Your Fate, Let’s Flip a Coin”

PIXY, a five-member Korean girl group, returned with their fourth mini album CHOSEN KARMA. The mini-album spans a variety of genres, showcasing PIXY’s growth and development as a group as well as their talent.

The Past Is Never Dead, It’s Not Even Past: A Review On Cube Escape

Cube Escape, a thriller puzzle game, dives deep into the murder of “The Woman”. Or is she really dead? You join Detective Vandermeer in solving this unsolvable case in a ten-level story looking through the past, present, and future

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2023

A new year means the release of many new movies, some much more promising than the others. More than 2.96 billion dollars go towards movie theater spendings every year, and here are the top 10 movies whose releases fans have been eagerly awaiting.

The Downfall of Anime

As I look through all the new anime releases lately, I keep noticing a disappointing trend. First, it was one, then two, then twenty. There seems to be a wave of medieval fantasy isekai anime being pushed out every couple of months.

Fashion Trends at the Golden Globes

After a couple of years (and scandals), the Golden Globes are back. While some may be rooting for their favorite actor to win an award, many others watch for one thing: the outfits.

Cage The Elephant Star Matt Shultz Arrested For Firearm Possession

Matt Shultz, leader and founder of Cage The Elephant and a beloved American rockstar and songwriter, has been arrested at a Manhattan hotel for possessing assault weapons.

On Avatar 2 and Family Dynamics

Avatar was a staple movie of my childhood and one of my all-time favorites. In the last issue, there was already an article based on the plot and the production of its sequel, so I will only brush on that. This is based more on my reaction and opinion of the movie.

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