Niall Horan Begins His ‘The Show: Live On Tour’ Tour

 Niall Horan on Instagram; March 13th, 2024

By Ayeza Share

Former member of One Direction, Niall Horan, began his first tour since 2018 this past month. “It’s been a long time since I last toured and I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me back with open arms and selling out all these dates,” says Horan in an Instagram caption. The tour is titled “The Show: Live On Tour” in regards to his new studio album, The Show, which was released in June 2023. The tour for his last album, Heartbreak Weather, was completely canceled due to the pandemic. However, Horan is back now–better than ever–and ready to rock the stage! 

The tour begins in Ireland and heads to the UK, honoring his Irish roots. Horan is scheduled to complete the European leg of the tour in early May and arrive in the U.S. in late May. Following this, he will complete his Latin America leg from late September to early October. “We are going to have a lot of fun together this year. Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces soon,” Horan says.

Due to the cancellation of his previous tour, Horan pleases fans by including lots of “oldies” on the setlist. These songs have never been played before live. Additionally, fans were also shocked and pleasantly surprised by Horan playing One Direction songs, as they are rather nostalgic. With no expectation of a reunion anytime soon, this is the closest they will get to hearing the tunes live in the near future. Due to numerous hits that need to be included in a ninety minute timeframe, there seems to be no apparent set-list. Fans jokingly speculated that Horan just plays whatever he feels like in the moment, to which Horan responded in a TikTok video, “That’s pretty much how it goes when it comes to the setlist!”