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Evermore: A Long-Winded Analysis on Taylor Swift’s Newest Album

Prepare the tissues and dictionaries before streaming. I am not responsible for any emotional damage to come out of this review or album.

Ensemble Stars: Fan Analysis, the Event Rotation, and the 5* Rotation

There are two types of Ensemble Stars players: the ones who are broke, and the ones who made a dozen spreadsheets for the game.

Ensemble Stars: A Basic Introduction and Upcoming Events

Ensemble Stars: it’s idol hell, rhythm game hell, and gacha hell all rolled into one. Is it good for one’s health to gamble their soul away on JPGs while desperately tapping circles on a screen? Probably not. But it sure is addictive.

Soul: A Movie for Everyone

Joe Gardener is an average “Joe”. He is a middle school music teacher that just wants to play piano. A struggling jazz musician, he vies to get gigs anywhere he can, so when he gets a gig at a famous venue, he is so ecstatic that he falls into a sewer; this is where the story begins.

Puppet Combo’s Christmas Massacre: Santa’s Last Straw

Puppet Combo, the creator of Stay Out of the House and Feed Me Billy, starts off the new year with a festive slasher horror called Christmas Massacre. Christmas Massacre is yet another classic horror game, except this time, you’re the killer.

Dash and Lily Review

‘Tis the season to binge-watch a new Netflix show! With the holidays approaching, Netflix has released the new Christmas rom-com series, Dash and Lily. The show takes place in New York City around Christmas time and focuses on two teens, Dash and Lily. When we first meet Dash, he seems to have resentment towards the holiday season, and he is bitter towards people that enjoy the holidays. He narrates that he is a child of divorce and that he is alone this Christmas. Lily is the opposite of Dash. She loves the holiday season and can’t understand why anybody would hate such a wonderful time of the year.

The Prom: Is It Worth the Hype?

The heart-warming story of Emma’s journey to prom, and the uninvited help of Dee Dee and her friends to get there, is an inspiring and uplifting film that will spark joy for the holidays.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Review

There's just far to the point that killing great many zombies on a similar guide again and again can take you before it gets old, yet inside those requirements, Treyarch has some way or another figured out how to convey one of the most firmly created and enjoyable to play Call of Duty Zombies modes in years.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Review

In some cases, starting again from scratch feels… essential. Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer means to recover what made the first Black Ops incredible by stripping back a ton of the technicians that have been layered on in the previous few games.

Black Ops Cold War Campaign Review

or an arrangement known for essentially constant shooting, it's astounding how long you spend in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's single-player crusade with your weapons holstered. Positively more than some other game in the establishment's 17-year history. In any case, regardless of whether it's strolling around your safehouse and becoming acquainted with your secretive operations group or sneaking around KGB central command as a Russian twofold specialist attempting to sort out an approach to pirate your American companions into the super-secure structure, the most recent COD effectively utilizes that calm time.

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