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Billboard’s Top Ten Songs of 2023

The end of the year grants the perfect opportunity to reflect on some musical hits of the year! The Billboard Year-End Charts rank music relative to their performance streaming across all platforms and for all genres. From these hot 100 songs, let’s take a look at the top ten songs of 2023!

The Past Is Never Dead, It’s Not Even Past: A Review On Cube Escape

Cube Escape, a thriller puzzle game, dives deep into the murder of “The Woman”. Or is she really dead? You join Detective Vandermeer in solving this unsolvable case in a ten-level story looking through the past, present, and future

Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever has been a sensation ever since it came out on November 11, 2022. With a 552 million dollar gross as of November 23rd, people are loving this heart-wrenching and thrilling roller coaster.

Woe Is (Not) Me: A Review of Netflix’s Wednesday

This review contains major spoilers. Proceed with caution. Our introduction to Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) begins with revenge

Midnights 3 A.M. – A Review

Taylor Swift released her new album, Midnights, on Friday, October 21st. A few days after the album was released, she released 7 new songs, which she called the “3 AM tracks.” She combined her original 13 songs and her 7 new ones to make an album called Midnights (3 AM edition). Here is a review of her new 7 tracks.

A Deep Dive into Midnights by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift breaks Billboard history with her new album Midnights, covering the entire Billboard Top 10 just one week after release. Midnights, Swift’s 10th album, covers her story across “thirteen sleepless nights”.

Do Revenge: Fun, Drama, and You’ve Guessed It, Revenge

Netflix’s new Do Revenge seems to follow yet another narrative of adults playing teens in high school, cliches, and wild storylines. And maybe it is — but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.

My Take on Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Personally, I have many thoughts about the new Dahmer series. I would like to say that Evan Peters did such an amazing job portraying such a bone-chilling and complex person. He is absolutely fantastic, and there are many times when you're forced to stop the show just to say, wow….this really happened.

Everything Everywhere All At Once: Why Rocks Made Me Cry

By Pen Fang This review contains spoilers for Everything Everywhere All At Once.  Though it’s been a while since the film’s release, Everything Everywhere All At...

The Return of K-Con: The Fourth Generation of K-Pop Blazes On

After two years of virtual concerts mid-pandemic, KCON has returned to the big stage, starting with LA. The largest K-Pop convention celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year, with stunning performances to highlight the big night.

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