Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Black Panther, has Shuri as the main character. (Source: wdwnt.com)

By Megha Pendyala

Wakanda Forever has been a sensation ever since it came out on November 11, 2022. With a 552 million dollar gross as of November 23rd, people are loving this heart-wrenching and thrilling roller coaster. This movie has 84 rotten tomatoes and is 2 hours and 41 minutes long, 20 minutes shorter than Avengers: Endgame. Critics are calling this movie an emotional journey and a fitting tribute to Chadwick Boseman, the previous Black Panther actor who sadly passed away due to colon cancer. Boseman’s impact, however, was felt and heard throughout the sequel. Instead of recasting the Black Panther, the film was instead a moving tribute to the work and effort that Boseman had put into his iconic Black Panther superhero. According to Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, “generation after generation after generation will get to feel his presence” due to the remembrance of him in the movie and in the credits.

The film’s visual style was even influenced by his passing, as they adjusted the lights and shadows when filming scenes to create an emotional feeling for the viewers. Ryan Coogler, the director, said, “We put our love for Chadwick into this film”, and the movie is meant to reflect the immense loss felt after Chadwick Boseman died. The goal was to create a film that is “intimate and emotional” while also being a superhero blockbuster. The actors later revealed how hard it was to be on set without Boseman there and that they are glad this movie will carry on Boseman’s legacy. The cinematography of this film was stunning. It captured the vibe of the movie with its grief and learning how to heal and grapple with that grief.

The main character of this movie is the heroine Shuri, T’Challa’s younger sister. The viewer gets to follow her story and her path into sadness of losing her brother to anger and into acceptance as she is forced to take an important role in running Wakanda, especially in the face of a new threat. Letitia Wright’s acting was beautiful and sincere, and it really pulled on every watcher’s heartstrings. Everyone felt the death of T’Challa and Chadwick Boseman, as intended by the producers. Even Serena Williams commented on this movie on her Instagram: “I am a marvel FANATIC. Back starting from the comics. Black Panther hands down was and is the best marvel movie I have EVER seen. I cried. I cheered. I laughed. And I cried. It deserves and should win Oscar’s… Thank you Black Panther cast”. Wakanda Forever is still in theaters today, and will be released to Disney Plus shortly.