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Keeping Up with FBLA

With the start of this new year, FBLA is only getting better. With many upcoming events, be sure to keep up with FBLA so you don’t miss out.

The Most Wonderful Concert of the Year: Winterfest

East’s biggest concert, Winterfest, gave audiences a spectacular show for the 48th year in a row. The entire music department, as well as several groups, performed to a packed auditorium for more than two hours on December 21st and 22nd.

Submit to the Bad Love Poetry Contest and be the Most Cringe-Worthy at East

The East Literary Digest is proud to host its annual Bad Love Poetry contest! It’s easy to participate, and anyone can do it: simply write a love poem (or a few, up to three), make it as purposefully bad as possible, submit it into the competition, and see your work in print!

A Special Talk with Mr. Mallon, East’s Latin 4A Teacher

Mr. Mallon is East’s newest member of the LOTE department, and currently teaches Latin 4A. Here's a little more about him!

Tips for Building Your Schedule

As students begin to navigate planning out schedules for the 2023-2024 school year, here are some tips to make difficult decisions hopefully a little easier.

Varsity Flag Football This Spring

Spring sports season is right around the corner, so get ready because girls football is gearing up for their first season at Williamsville East. After talking to Mr. Suchyna about the season, he confirmed that there definitely will be a team this year.

Unity in Diversity’s First Checkpoint

December 15th was Unity in Diversity’s first checkpoint rehearsal, in which all of the represented countries presented 30 seconds of each of their acts. Let’s take this as an opportunity to review what the show at the end of March will look like!

SIHAC: Our District’s Student Representatives

The Superintendent's Inter-High Advisory Council, or SIHAC, is a group of students from each of the high schools in the district who discuss prevalent issues and concerns that arise in the community.

East’s Winter Favorites

With Christmas break being around the corner, the holiday season has arrived. As decorations and excitement go around at East, our community certainly has their winter favorites. The East Side News is proud to present our second survey of the year, solely revolving around the wonders of “the most wonderful time of the year.” With such a diverse crowd of students, here are some of the ways our community perceives the wonders of winter.

FBLA Going Strong in December

As we go onto this busy winter season, make sure to keep up with FBLA! With many events going on this month, be sure to check the calendar to stay up to date.

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