The Fall Guy: A Review

Image: IMDb

By Megha Pendyala

A movie starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt is already an automatic yes for many movie lovers. The Fall Guy was an action filled, romantic comedy that is sure to leave you in a good mood after.

This movie is about Colt Seavers, who is a stuntman for a famous actor and also harbors a major crush for Jody, a soon to be director played by Emily Blunt. After a tragic accident, Colt cuts himself off from the rest of his life, including Jody. Trying to make it up to her, he returns as her stunt guy, but not everything is as it seems. The lead actor is missing and a dead body shows up, and it’s Colt’s job to figure it out before the studio shuts down Jody’s movie.

The Fall Guy was hilarious and a main part of that is due to Ryan Gosling. He creates a character that is equal parts funny and loveable, making it an amazing movie to watch with friends. While it seemed to be a little long for my tastes, this is a movie that will definitely give you a laugh and a romance worth seeing.