Sunday, October 2, 2022

Economic Recession in 2023

By Emma Wu The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted all of our lives in a variety of ways. It has had social, physical, and economical impacts...

The Four-Day Work Week. Does It Work? Maybe.

Imagine you were a full-time worker, offered the opportunity of working one less day a week, only for the same pay. Sounds great, right? The employee perspective of the idea of a four day work week, which has been tested in years of late around the world, is undoubtedly positive, but whether employers agree with that has been variable.

Russia Bans Meta In Crackdown On Protests

On Friday, March 11, Russia announced that it would be categorizing Meta as an extremist organization, which includes Facebook and Instagram, in the country after Meta’s “extremist activities.”

Why Gas Prices Are Skyrocketing

In the last few weeks, gas prices have surged across America, leading drivers to look for an explanation. Regular gas prices reached $4.25 a gallon this week.

Sony Purchases Bungie for $3.6 Billion

On Monday, January 31, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it would be purchasing Bungie, a video game maker, for $3.6 billion. This comes after a $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft just weeks ago.

Microsoft to Purchase Activision Blizzard in Blockbuster Deal

On January 18th, 2022, Microsoft announced that it would be acquiring video game company Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars. It is the most expensive video game company acquisition in history.

Meta Stock Tanks On Historic Day

By Seth Gellman After rebranding in October, Zuckerberg’s Meta is facing historic losses in the largest single-day decline for a company in recorded history. On...

National Debt Tops $30 Trillion

By Michael Ge On February 1, the Treasury Department announced that the total amount of national debt exceeded $30 trillion. This is dangerous news for...

AT&T, Verizon Delay 5G Rollout Near Airports

Just 36 hours before Verizon and AT&T were set to unveil their new 5G technology across the country, the CEOs of every major airline signed a request to the Federal Aviation Administration to block 5G within 2 miles of major airports.

Navient Reaches Deal to Cancel Student Loan Debt

Navient, one of the largest student loan providers in the nation, announced that it reached a $1.85 billion settlement with 39 state attorney generals over allegations of predatory lending and leading student borrowers into expensive plans.

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