Thursday, August 11, 2022

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Stocks Increase After Vaccine Announcements

The stocks of several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies rose after they announced the successes of their COVID-19 vaccine trials. And some have already submitted them for emergency approval from the FDA. These vaccines have been considered to be at least 90% effective. The stocks and investors of these companies will have obviously benefited financially as a result of these announcements.

Dorsey Resigns in Twitter Shakeup

On Monday, November 29, Jack Dorsey announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Twitter. He was replaced by Parag Agrawal, the Chief Technology Officer. Dorsey is still the chief executive of the payments company Square.

Is Your Bank Contributing to Global Warming?

Anyone who deposits money in a bank can reduce the amount of funding companies contributing to global warming get. The key is to switch from keeping money in a bank that gives fossil fuel companies money to one that does not.

Treasury Secretary Yellen Calls Meeting to Discuss Market Volatility

After the major upturn from Gamestop’s erratic share price, many were confused or anxious about where the story would go. One of those people is Janet Yellen, the new Treasury Secretary.

Cryptocurrency: A Guide

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, like the US dollar, and it is based on “blockchain technology.” Blockchain technology is what makes cryptocurrency so unique and allows for the recording of transactions such as sending and receiving digital assets.

Facebook Oversight Ruling

After the January 6th riot, the social media company Facebook made the decision to suspend then-President Donald Trump’s Facebook account until at least January 20 - the end of Trump’s term. The decision, along with Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Trump, has drawn ire and concerns from many. Republican lawmakers have been especially vocal about Trump’s bans from social media. In order to reach a permanent decision on whether or not to keep Trump suspended has been left up to Facebook’s Oversight Board.

Sony Purchases Bungie for $3.6 Billion

On Monday, January 31, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it would be purchasing Bungie, a video game maker, for $3.6 billion. This comes after a $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft just weeks ago.

Locally Owned Businesses to Buy From This Holiday Season

Instead of buying something from a chain, a gift from a small business can arguably be way more special and personalized, so here’s a list of some great locally owned businesses to buy from this holiday season.

Stock Market Largely Unaffected by Impeachment Proceedings

As the Capitol was swarmed by insurrectionists, the stock market didn’t bat an eye. Many thought that they would panic, but that was not the case. While rioters stormed the capitol, the market was still hitting record highs.

E.U. and U.S. Temporarily agree to halt Tariffs

The United States and the European Union suspended tariffs on aircraft, wine, food, and other products as they seek a long term agreement. President Biden and EU commissioner Ursula von der Leyen agreed on March 5 to stop all tariffs for four months.

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