Thursday, September 23, 2021

Potential Impact of Not Having A Second Stimulus Package

By Michael Ge Source: Angela Lang/Cnet Congress and the President have been at odds with each other over the passage of a second stimulus package.  Talks...

Treasury Secretary Yellen Calls Meeting to Discuss Market Volatility

After the major upturn from Gamestop’s erratic share price, many were confused or anxious about where the story would go. One of those people is Janet Yellen, the new Treasury Secretary.

Dimon calls for Stimulus Package as Cases Rise

As Congress has been deadlocked over a stimulus package, they have attracted many critics. One of them, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, had some less than flattering words to describe them.

Facebook sued by FTC and 48 Attorneys General

On Wednesday, December 9th, the FTC announced that they were suing Facebook in the District of Columbia. In addition, 48 attorneys general are suing in conjunction, from 46 states, Guam, and the District of Columbia. The FTC alleges that Facebook has a track record of anticompetitive business practices that break antitrust laws.

Online Sales Expected to Surge this Holiday Season

Source: Thorston Wagner/Bloomberg/Getty Images By Seth Gellman Throughout the pandemic, many have turned to online shopping in order to buy goods that they didn’t feel comfortable...

US Economic Recovery

By Grace Hwang Source: TheStreet Due to the coronavirus, the US entered a steep economic recession in February. But now that some businesses have reopened, it...

Impact of New Climate Report on the US Economy

There have been worries about the US economy and how it will be impacted for decades. Speculation has run wild as the world tries to combat climate change. The future is looking increasingly uncertain for the largest economy in the world if climate change isn’t combatted swiftly, but seldom has it been put into words of the disaster that will come if climate change isn’t stopped.

U.S. Boasts 379,000 Job Gain in February

Charlie Ripley, Senior Investment Strategist for Allianz Investment Management, said “The ship is pointed in the right direction.”

Porsche Invests in E-Fuels and Electric Vehicles

On top of their ambitious goal to have half of all models by 2025 electrified, Porsche is looking to develop “e-fuels” to replace gasoline in nonelectric vehicles.

Blue Origin Launches Tourism Spaceship

By Seth Gellman Source: Blue Origin, NYT Blue Origin, a rocket venture owned by Jeff Bezos, launched its space tourism rocket to the edge of Earth’s...

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