Saturday, May 18, 2024

Mamma Mia: A Musical Review!

n amazing performance was put on by the Williamsville East High School Drama Club and Music Department from Thursday to Saturday, March 7-9. The cast and crew did a wonderful job with the chosen musical, Mamma Mia!. From actors to dancers to the pit and stage crew, everything was meticulously practiced and done to perfection.

Overcoming Procrastination: Strategies for Success

Procrastination is a prevalent challenge that affects individuals in various parts of their lives. Procrastination is delaying work or decisions that must be made, frequently prioritizing short-term pleasure, or avoiding suffering over greater goals or commitments. This inclination to procrastinate is known to increase stress, cause poor productivity, and lead to missed opportunities for success. Procrastination is a widespread problem that affects humans of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds from students deferring tasks to professionals delaying significant endeavors at work.

East Wishes Ms. Sloma Safe Travels!

n early March, East’s beloved library clerk Ms. Sloma went into retirement. She will be dearly missed by East library frequenters and staff alike as a crucial part of the school support staff.

Reasons for Insomnia in Adolescents

There are many potential causes for a lack of sleep, especially in teenagers.

A Recap of FBLA District 12’s Spring District Meeting

As the FBLA calendar progressed, anticipation built up for one of the most awaited events of the year – the Spring District Meeting (SDM). Hosted at Williamsville East High School on February 3, 2024 was an opportunity for student leadership development, camaraderie, and a chance to qualify for the State Leadership Conference.

A Look Back on Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity performed on February 14th for all of East with bold success! The crowds were cheering and waving their phone flashlights, and the performers all felt great about the big show. As Unity comes to a close, here are some final messages from the officers regarding the performance.

Mamma Mia, Here We Go into Musical Season!

It’s that time of the year again — get ready for the East Drama Club’s performance of Mamma Mia! at 7 P.M. on March 7-9th, in addition to a matinee performance at 2 P.M. on March 9th. Tickets are on sale right now on Ticket Peak for $13.00, and they will also be sold at the door for $15.00 at every showing. Also, there will be an in-school assembly on Wednesday, March 6th.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Unity!

February 14, 2024 is not just a day for romance and valentines. It is the day of the Williamsville East High School annual cultural arts performance brought by the Unity in Diversity Club! The club has been working hard from the beginning of the school year to create, practice, and put together various dances and acts from a wide range of cultures. 

Williamsville East’s Science Olympiad Teams Take Over Regional Competition

For the past few months, the Science Olympiad teams at Williamsville East High School partook in a regional competition on Saturday, February 3rd. They competed against various teams across Western New York at SUNY Buffalo State College. The Science Olympiad competition started at 8 A.M. and lasted until the award ceremony at 5:30 P.M. It is a team competition with events where students contend against different teams for a higher score.

East Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, East! February 14th is the iconic day of love, chocolate, teddy bears, and red roses galore. In honor of that, we at the East Side News conducted a survey regarding the holiday. Here is what we’ve found.

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