Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Beautiful, Bold, One Of A Kind, With A Trio That Will Never Disappoint: A...

Where do I even begin? The phenomenal choreography? The stunning costumes, lighting and set? The unparalleled talent of Sammi O’Connor, Ayden Weinstein, and Miles Seifert? The ensemble who brought the finishing touches of this performance? Anastasia was a rollercoaster and a dream, and the actors who brought the show to life were sensational.

Physics Club Launches Rockets and Drops Eggs

With many projects ahead, the physics club is looking for new members to join. The club’s main focus is to address any physics questions or doubts students may have. It’s also a good place to come and brainstorm ideas about possible projects with other club members.

Freshman Class: Plans for the Future

The Class of 2026 are looking out for their future selves, especially in the financial area. Let's take a look at what they've been up to!

Film Appreciation Society: Films, Food, Friends

Are you a film buff or someone who loves free food? Then, Film Appreciation Society might be the club for you. This club is for people who have a passion for movies and appreciate being with people who share that same passion.

Be a Part of Something Bigger at Girl Up

Girl Up is a club here at Williamsville East that is dedicated to supporting the health, safety, and education of young girls worldwide. This club is advised by Mrs. Fey-Daly, and she feels that there is a great sense of community, fun activities, and regular meetings.

East UNICEF Club Partners with Journey’s End

Williamsville East’s UNICEF club plans for the future, partnering with Journeys End to focus “on Buffalo's refugee community” , Gia Panesar said, an officer for East UNICEF club. Buffalo currently has a large refugee population. With East partnering with Journey End Refugee Services and UNICEF they plan on providing aid to those in need of essential resources.

HALLO Club: A Community Of Support

Students who have recently lost a loved one or someone they care about should join HALLO club. HALLO or Healing After Loss Of A Loved One is a newer club at Williamsville East, designed to do just that, to give support to someone in time of need.

Teaser: Unity in Diversity

March 29th marks the date of Unity in Diversity’s school assembly. The club’s goal is to celebrate the diversity that comprises East and to allow club members (anyone who wished to join) to partake in different art forms from different cultures. While Unity has been traditionally dance-focused, other art forms are also featured, such as music and poetry.

Ready, Set, Hike: Girls Varsity Flag Football Starts

This spring, Williamsville East is welcoming its first season of Girls’ Flag Football. This exciting development provides female football fans the opportunity to take the field and play the sport they love.

East Athletes Commit to D1, D2, D3 Schools

An overview of the fantastic East athletes who have committed to D1, D2, and D3 schools!

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