Sunday, June 26, 2022

Ethan Xie: Heart of the Cards

This student, Ethan Xie, is a junior here at East and has a fascination with the card game of bridge and even represented the United States under 16 team.

Mrs. Reilly: Helping Students Grow and Flourish

A lot of people at Williamsville East know and love Ms. Reilly. For those who don’t know her, she is the chorus teacher at our school and also runs the Drama Club at East. She tends to be a popular students’ favorite.

Mr. Lanighan’s Story: In the Right Place at the Right Time with a Lot...

While his story might start and end in Williamsville, Mr. Lanighan hasn’t always been on the path to end up where he is today. 

Behind the Scenes with Jackson Heim

Williamsville East is best known for its phenomenal plays, musicals, and concerts. The world of theater and music has left its mark on East, but the spectacular, memorable performances like Winterfest and the musical wouldn’t be possible without the help of Stage Crew. 

Profile of Mrs. Brown: An Empath

Mrs. Brown is a caring, loving, and generous figure in Williamsville East. She can be seen by many students as a mother. She is passionate about her job and helping students get through just about anything. She builds strong and trustworthy relationships with all of the people she knows. 

Looking Into The Life of A High School Latin Teacher

 There are many funny, creative, and kind teachers at Williamsville East High School. The role of being a highschool teacher is to guide a student into their future and be a helpful supportive individual. Although the role of being a teacher sounds very easy, it might be a lot more difficult . 

Mrs. Bean: Helping One Dog At A Time

When sitting in Mrs. Bean’s classes, you can hear her use the ways her mom taught her classes, in the ways Mrs. Bean teaches now. For example, in the imperfect subjunctive tense, Mrs. Bean does a silly cheerleading dance as a way for us to remember the verb endings, which is the same thing her mom did when she taught the imperfect subjunctive. 

Mr. Mellerski: More Than a Business Teacher

Teaching at East for 28 years, he is primarily responsible for teaching business classes, and coordinating the internship and work experience programs. He currently teaches two Accounting 1 classes, and one College and Careers, Internship, and Work Experience course. 

Profile: Ms. Costanzo 

From gracing our un-walled halls with her cheery attitude to busting out a lyric or two from whatever song she has stuck in her head that class, Ms. Costanzo proudly stands out as a staple member of the Williamsville East math department.

The Case for Shorter School Days

In America, a typical school day is around 6.5 hours long. At East, school starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:45. Students have to wake up even earlier in the “bleary bruise” of the morning to catch the bus. However, this article will not focus on early start times

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