Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Michael Dalessandro: Physics Teacher by Day, Deacon by Night

  Michael Dalessandro: Physics Teacher by Day, Deacon by Night By Gabe Guo For this issue of East Side News, we interviewed none other than the great...

Class of 2024 Student Council Plans Activities

This year, academics have been vastly impacted by the ongoing pandemic, and despite challenges, the freshman class representatives are hard at work in organizing events such as the talent show.

Profile of Mr. Harrison

By Colleen Meosky Mr. Harrison is currently East’s “Chemistry A” teacher, but he also enjoys teaching other courses including Forensics and Biology.  Mr. Harrison decided to...

Williamsville East JV Girls’ Soccer Season: 2019 Review

By Sarah Brunskill, Kate Zu, and Gaby Lops Williamsville East’s Girls’ JV soccer team was on fire this year, with a record of 13-1-1. We kicked...

Profile of Mrs. Fey-Daly

By Maggie Meosky and Priya Pindiprolu Mrs. Fey-Daly has been a part of our Soc. department for many years. She currently teaches Global 1, Women’s...

Goodbye, East

This isn’t the way I expected it to end. And I know this isn’t the way you expected it to end, either.

Final Music Wing Addition Brings New Life to Old Rooms

Williamsville East’s music wing renovations started in 2018 and they’re finally done. With the start of the new year, musicians are able to enjoy the extra space. How successfully are the renovations working for the music wing? 

A few minutes with Mrs. Charleson-Smith

Where did you go to school? After graduating from Amherst High School, I studied speech pathology at UB. While at UB, I worked at a...

East is on a Make-a-Wish Mission

East is taking part in a fundraising mission called Willpower for Wishes through Make-A-Wish, a foundation that works to grant wishes towards critically ill children.

East’s Tech Department

by Bryan Turton     The tech department is a favorite to a lot of students at Williamsville east, the hands on experience, the diversity, and...

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