Friday, May 7, 2021

East’s Tech Department

by Bryan Turton     The tech department is a favorite to a lot of students at Williamsville east, the hands on experience, the diversity, and...

Math Club Celebrated Pi Day with East

Williamsville East’s math club hosted their annual pi day meeting in March to honor the well known mathematical symbol. Mrs. Yermas, the club’s advisor, had various exciting activities planned to celebrate the holiday.

No Walls No Problem

When someone I meet who doesn’t go to East asks me about my school, I always begin by saying “Well, we don’t have walls...”...

A few minutes with Mrs. Charleson-Smith

Where did you go to school? After graduating from Amherst High School, I studied speech pathology at UB. While at UB, I worked at a...

Williamsville East JV Girls’ Soccer Season: 2019 Review

By Sarah Brunskill, Kate Zu, and Gaby Lops Williamsville East’s Girls’ JV soccer team was on fire this year, with a record of 13-1-1. We kicked...

Science Department has Wide Array of Courses and Clubs

The science department at East is an essential component of what the school has to offer in terms of both courses, clubs, and events. Not only is it the biggest in terms of real estate, being the only department to occupy space on multiple floors, it offers the most diverse selection of activities that suit any interest a student may have.

Girl Up Club Brings Relationship Violence Victim Speaker

by Hannah Yi 1 in 3 students are victims of teen relationship violence. Girl Up members are ready to change this statistic. Attendees of the...

The Cytoplasm of East

By Mucteba Gokcek The IMC is definitely a department that gets overlooked in it’s importance. The IMC is very similar to the cytoplasm of a...

Letter from a Co-Managing Editor

I think it would be an understatement to say that this year has been unusual. When I walked into the first newspaper meeting this year—teeming with writers, bagels, and general excitement—little did I know that our days of brainstorming in the computer lab with the iconic flowchart of editorial positions would be short-lived.

The New Norm: Life in Quarantine

Many people have been dealing with both quarantine and coronavirus/ covid-19 respectively in many different ways, shapes, or forms. The few people interviewed about it during quarantine had much to say about it. Plenty of both good and bad have come out of the quarantine.

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