Sunday, October 2, 2022

What Happened in the U.S. in Summer 2022? – A Recap

Summer may be over already, but the effects of its national events are most certainly still felt today. Let’s take a look back on some of the biggest events of the last few months.

Census Woes

Following a report published on Thursday, March 10, United States Census Bureau has admitted that it undercounted Black, Latino, and Native Americans during the 2020 Census.

Biden Nominates Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court

President Biden announced his pick to replace retiring justice Stephen Breyer, nominating DC Appeals Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Trump Business Fraud

In an unusual statement amid an ongoing investigation, New York Attorney General Letitia James claimed that her office had uncovered “significant evidence” of fraud in her investigation of the Trump Organization and the former president.

Kensington Expressway Getting Covered Up

Frederick Law Olmsted long ago designed the Humboldt Parkway, a boulevard that connected Humboldt Park, now Martin Luther King Jr. Park, and Delaware Park on the east side of Buffalo. Today, the area is unrecognizable.

Justice Stephen Breyer Retiring

At a White House ceremony next to President Biden, Breyer announced his retirement which will take place by the summer. Even before he announced his retirement, there was already extensive speculation about his potential replacement.

Fake Elector Plot

The Trump campaign reportedly led the attempt to put pro-Trump electors forward in December 2020. This is the latest revelation of actions taken by the Trump campaign to overturn President Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden’s 1st State of the Union Address

By Will Demartinis President Joe Biden delivered his first state of the Union Address during his tenure as President. Delivered in the midst of a...

RNC Calls January 6 “Legitimate Political Discourse”

By Vihaan Majumdar The Republican National Committee (RNC) declared the January 6th attack as “legitimate political discourse,” and censured two House Republicans, Adam Kinzinger (R-IL...

Mask Mandates Lifted in America

By Michael Ge Governor Kathy Hochul announced the end to New York State’s indoor mask mandate on Thursday, February 10. Hochul’s announcement has been one...

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