Tuesday, January 31, 2023

On Not Getting Away with Antisemitism

This past September, my mom and I went to Rosh Hashanah services at our local synagogue, and I asked her if someone was going to shoot us while we were there.

Kyrsten Sinema Doesn’t Get It

Kyrsten Sinema is no longer a Democrat. That’s the bombshell news.

The Grammy’s vs The Hip-Hop Industry

Winning a Grammy is the most prestigious award in all of music. Throughout the Grammy’s 65 year history, they’ve always awarded three main awards; “Album of The Year”, given to the artist with the best full length album, “Record of The Year”, given to the song with the best production, instrumentation, and sound engineering, and “Song of The Year”, which is awarded to the song with the best composition and songwriting. However, despite the long history of these awards, one music genre hasn’t received the same recognition as others: hip-hop. 

The Underappreciation Of Men’s Mental Health

One man commits suicide every minute. That means 60 men each hour, 1440 each day, 10,080 each week, 40,320 every month, and 525,600 men annually.

Mental Illness and Mass Shootings: A False Enemy

In the wake of a series of mass shootings, America is grappling with gun violence yet again. A manager in a Virginia Walmart killed six employees, including a 16 year old that had just gotten his first paycheck. A 22-year-old gunman killed five at an LGBTQ club in Colorado on the eve of Transgender Day of Rememberance.

The Midterms Wrap-up

East Side News Political Correspondent and National News editor Will DeMartinis breaks down the 2022 midterm election.

Patrick Bateman: Almost Every Man’s “Literally Me” Character  

American Psycho follows main character Patrick Bateman through his very peculiar, yet fascinating life. Patrick is depicted as a handsome, wealthy young man during New York City’s yuppie culture spike. He quite literally gets anything he wants. Whether it be women, clothes, or even a spot at Dorsia! as long as he has the money for it, he gets it. But he does it only for one reason… to “fit in”. Patrick desperately wants to fit into a world that he so terribly despises. And although Patrick seems like the rest of his co-workers and friends , viewers quickly find out that he hides his alternate psychopathic ego. Despite his big ego, Bateman also expresses feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem, which is often the reason for many of his killing sprees. He targets victims due to the fact that they challenge his ego and make him feel inferior or inadequate. As the storyline progresses, the character delves deeper and deeper into his sexually deviant fantasies, psychotic habits, and horrendous murders, and fans can do nothing but watch his mind descent into madness.

The Media Sucks: How Inaccurate Portrayals of Mental Illness Hurt Real People

The day before Halloween, I went and saw a horror movie. Nothing too special, just your typical yearly October horror movie. From a cinematography perspective, it was okay; typical jumpscare-y film, exorcist and religious tone, typical “but the horror isn’t over” ending that my well-versed-in-horror viewing companion disapproved of. From a storytelling perspective, however, I, as an author, had a slew of conflicting opinions.

To Pee, or Not to Pee, that is the Question

It was a Tuesday afternoon when I watched as my AP gov classmates exchange scandalized glances as they listened to the PA. It was as if Ms. Charleson-Smith was admitting to tax fraud but no–she was explaining the new bathroom procedures. Why would laboratories cause such controversy and upheaval? Anyone who has been late to class because both stalls have been taken over by vapers would likely understand. Of course, I also assume that said bathroom vapers would also have strong opinions on this.

The Benefits of a No Door School

Before I started going to East, I frequently heard of the no door system they had adopted. Admittedly I thought it would be a defiance of my ability to focus in class and effort to concentrate on anything I would be doing. However, as I expressed my concerns to upperclassmen, they assured me I would soon grow used to it and wouldn’t even notice the chatter next door. Honestly, I didn’t believe them and saw it as less than pragmatic than anything. My mind continued to hold the stress that concentration would be an issue. Nevertheless, I quickly learned what they said to be true, and even grasped a few other discoveries of my own.

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