Sunday, October 2, 2022

Punishment: Its Ineffectiveness

Punishment is one of the foundational pillars of society; today, it manifests itself in the form of prisons, of the police, and of the criminal justice system. But what is it?
Williamsville East Cafeteria

The Case for Universal Free School Lunches; How The United States Falters Behind Other...

In 2021, there were 146,460 children that were food insecure, yet ineligible for federal assistance in New York, and approximately 10 million nationwide. The suspension of free school lunches leaves students like these in a difficult place. Making barely enough to not qualify for free lunches, yet still struggling to fork over enough for lunch, they are left hungry during the school day or burdened by school lunch debt.

Easter and the Rabbit Purchase-Abandonment Spike

It’s really no surprise that this holiday has a strong correlation with the sale of domesticated rabbits. However, what many people don’t know is the other side of this phenomenon--the rise in abandonment rates in the months following Easter.

Double Standards in Refugee Treatment

By Iman Ahsan With the recent Russian invasion in Ukraine, people flocked to the streets to show their support for Ukraine. In the twelve days...

The Problem With Consumerism Culture

Overconsumption is something we know all too well. Because the average household income is more than $100,000, we simply have too much money to spend. Residents of East Amherst turn to overconsumption as a way to burn through their cash.

A Letter From Hijabis

We, the hijabis of Williamsville East High School, would like to share our personal experiences when wearing the hijab in a public school environment.

The Three Types of Gossip

Whether it’s the latest news about a national-level achievement your friend earned or a rumor that your teacher has been involved in a scandal, the news spreads fast and it gets everyone talking.

Social Media Attacks on Zhu Yi: A Commentary on Social Media Culture

By Angelina Hu On Sunday, February 6th, 19-year-old Chinese figure skater Zhu Yi fell twice during the women’s short program team competition. Instead of reassuring...

A Reassessment of an Entertainment Staple: The Byronic Hero

By Isabella Gu He’s tall and dark-haired. He’s moody, mysterious, and carries the impossible weight of a dark past. But why on Earth is he...

Erasure of History is Unconscionable

By Iman Ahsan There’s a photo that features an emancipated man guarding his family from cannibals during the Madras famine of 1877 at the time...

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