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For Greek Mythology Enjoyers and Gamers Alike: Hades II Early Access Out Now

The first ever sequel developed by Supergiant Games since the studio’s creation in 2009, Hades II has taken the gaming world by storm.

Spiders on Mars: Here’s the Real Story!

Have you ever wondered if there are spiders on Mars? Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. The European Space Agency (ESA) recently shared some incredible images of dark formations, known as “spiders” or “ice spiders”.  Let's uncover the truth behind these mysterious formations. 

The Pink Fairy Armadillo May Not Fly, But Its Burrowing Abilities Sure Are Magical

What comes to mind when you think about fairies? The more contemporary definition involves fancy wings and a stereotypically feminine appearance, but classical folklore invites all sorts of magical creatures to be classified as fairies, provided that they are humanoid. An armadillo, on the other hand, shares a rather limited pool of qualities with these creatures of folklore.

Mount Ruang Indonesia Eruption

By Aarav Sapra Mount Ruang in Indonesia underwent a massive explosion last week, with volcanic gasses reaching up to the stratosphere. According to satellites, the...

When Things Get a Bit Fishy: What Happens When a Flesh-Eating Parasite Mimics a...

By: Sophia Byl Say you pull up to a car wash one afternoon just for a short clean. It’s something you’ve been putting off for...

Korea’s “Artificial Sun” Illuminates the Future of Nuclear Fusion

By Jessica A. Dennehy The Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research device (KSTAR) at the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy, Credit: CNN) Nuclear fusion, the reaction of...

An Enlightening Experience, or Total Chaos? How the Animal Kingdom Reacts to Solar Eclipses

By Sophia Byl Among the exclamations I heard at about 3:18pm on Monday, April 8th were “This is crazy!”, “Look at how dark it is!”,...

Decoding the Geometry of Music: 70-Year-Old Math Problem Solved

Can we determine the shape of a drum by analyzing the sounds it produces? This has been a longstanding question in mathematics for the past 70 years. In 1954, George Polya, a renowned Hungarian-American mathematician,  proposed a conjecture suggesting a link between the vibration frequencies of certain geometric shapes, including rectangles, triangles, or disks, and their physical shapes.

Risk of Sea Levels Increasing Along Coastal Cities

The gradual increase in seawater levels has contributed to the gradual sinking of coastal cities in the United States. This problem continues to be a silent problem that risks flooding and the livelihood or lifestyle of locals in these cities. Researchers from different universities in the US, Canada, England, and India have all reported and created a study to examine the potential impacts of subsidence in 32 cities along the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific Coasts.

Move Over, Pikachu: An Eel-ectrifying Investigation of the Puppetmasters of the Aquatic World

With the rise of modern technology comes the rise of electricity, and thousands of different ways in which it can be used to benefit humanity.  Electricity is quite the common commodity today, but its brilliance was rarely taken advantage of just a couple of centuries ago… by humans, that is. Turns out, nature has once again beaten us to harness the power of some mysterious, omnipresent resource in unthinkable ways.

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