Friday, May 7, 2021

INT301: Toothpaste that Could Brush Away the Allergies

About 5.4 million adults and 1.6 million children in the U.S. suffer from peanut allergies, which can vary from mild to severe. As a method of treating these allergies, a company called Intrommune Therapeutics has developed a toothpaste product, in the hopes of easing the challenges that allergy sufferers face.

First Ever Cloning of an Endangered Species Native to North America

As more and more animals share the increasingly ubiquitous title of “endangered species,” the birth of Elizabeth Ann, a black-footed ferret, and the first ever North American endangered species to be cloned, brings new hope for conversation efforts worldwide.

Why Flu Cases are Down this Year

If you’ve seen some of the headlines, flu cases are apparently down this year, and while it’s certainly true that flu hospitalizations are down 98% from last year to well under 1,000, some of the conspiracies that seasonal flu cases were somehow reported as COVID are just outright false.

Scientists Make a New Discovery About the Anteosaurus

The history of Earth can be weirder than fiction. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the planet, but scientists have found out that before them, there were equally-scary creatures around too.

Sharks Found in Underwater Volcano

Kavachi, located in the Solomon Islands, is one of the southwest Pacific’s most active underwater volcanoes. It erupted a dozen times in the twentieth century and three times in the twenty first. In 2015, ocean engineer Brennan Phillips lowered an eighty-pound camera down into its roiling waters, hoping to take a closer look at it after a recent eruption. It rested 147 feet deep in the volcano’s caldera (a pit formed in the aftermath of a magma chamber’s collapse). When the camera resurfaced, Phillips and his team found unexpected footage of scalloped hammerhead sharks and silky sharks emerging from the murky orange surroundings to investigate the lens.

The Culprit Behind Sea Star Wasting Disease

Sea Star Wasting disease appeared at a great magnitude in 2013/2014, when the starfish population drastically decreased. However, the syndrome has been present for decades.

Reimagining Eden

The story of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden is one of the most widely known parts of Christian lore, and perhaps one of the oldest as well. Like other Biblical stories, it was derived from earlier Sumerian traditions. The word eden is a Sumerian word meaning ‘plain.’ No matter your religion, you are probably familiar with the tale of the world’s first two humans and their misdemeanors in paradise. It is referenced in countless films and books, which leads to it being explained even in secular schools. It has infiltrated pop culture. Despite this, it is almost always depicted incorrectly. As is typical of the Bible, no physical description of Adam, Eve, or the serpent is included. It never explicitly states that the forbidden fruit is an apple or that the serpent is a snake (it was definitely not a snake). In this article, we’ll explore a few ways of envisioning the antagonist in this famous scene.

Benefits vs. Risks of Caffeine for Adolescents

Around 80% of the world’s population consumes caffeine everyday and roughly 73% of kids consume caffeine everyday. This is a shocking statistic, which raises the question: is caffeine good for adolescents?

A Better Explanation for Physical Differences Amongst Sexes

Often, society has noted the stark physical differences between men and women: men are generally taller, and women often have wider hips. The typical explanation stems from Charles Darwin’s note that, “undoubtedly,” the greater size and strength of a man is due to how men must impress mates, with natural selection choosing time and time again the strongest and most able in the struggle for life. Men had to be aggressive and competitive for wives, whereas women were picky to choose the best mate.

Inconsistent Sleeping Patterns in Teenagers Increase Risky Behavior

There’s nothing wrong with catching a few more winks of sleep on the weekends right? Wrong. Teenagers are notorious for either not getting enough sleep during the week or sleeping too long on weekends or both. However, studies show that getting inconsistent amounts of sleep over a long period of time can cause a number of behavioral and physical problems, along with problems in cognitive function.

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