Sunday, October 2, 2022

NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Mission: What’s the deal?

In a speech during his presidency, John F. Kennedy stated, "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." Now, we are going back to the moon.
Photo Source: Square Space

Social Ties to Careers

Is it better to utilize stronger relationships or weaker relationships for recommendations to a career? There is a common, age-old idea that weaker ties were better for gaining more job recommendations and job applications. This idea seems contradictory, as we are all normally taught to cultivate stronger friendships for more opportunities. A team of researchers decided to conduct an experimental study to determine which of the two relationships has more effect on increasing opportunities for careers.

Apple Event – Performance and Efficiency

On March 8th, Apple held a “Peak Performance” event. Apple revealed a new iPhone SE, a new more powerful version of the M1 processor, a new iPad Air, and a Studio Display monitor.

The Benefits of Nostalgia During the Pandemic

Nostalgia has a history of being regarded as a disease. Over 300 years ago, Johannes Hofar, a physician, saw soldiers that returned from wars with traumatic memories, suicidal tendencies, and depression.

FDA approves anti-COVID Merck pill

On Thursday, December 31, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized a five-day, at-home treatment option for patients 18 and older who are at high risk of severe COVID-19.

Did the US Army Make the First Pan-Coronavirus Vaccine?

Through this sequence, along with nearly 2 years of research, the U.S. Army recently announced that they have created a single vaccine against all COVID and SARS variants.

Everything You Need to Know About Lichens and More: A Comprehensive Guide to The...

Lichens are defined as a symbiotic relationship between a fungi and a photobiont (symbiont capable of photosynthesis), usually algae. Instead of a singular organism.

Beijing Snows

By Emma Wu The crystal snow sparkles in the sunlight. This is the artificial snow that was specifically generated for the Beijing Olympics. Beijing doesn’t...

Mapping Numbers in Different Directions in Space 

By Emma Wu While organizing items, everyone tends to place them smallest to largest, left to right. Why is that? This has been a debate...

James Webb Space Telescope Fully Deployed Its Primary Mirror

On January 8th NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope successfully completed the unfolding of its mirror, taking its final shape.

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