Friday, May 7, 2021

Women in Sports Panel Presented by Girl Up!

On Friday, November 6, East’s Girl Up! hosted its first in a series of panels for this year. This meeting focused on the importance of women in all areas of athletics, the difficulties they face, and how they overcome these obstacles. With panelists Kathy Twist, Maddy Glab, and Nellie Drew-Meosky, East students and faculty were able to learn a great deal about women in the sports world.

Cool Clubs You Can Join!

School Clubs Round-Up By Priya Pindirpolu Drama Club- Do you love singing and acting? Well then drama club is the perfect place for you. Although...

First Film Festival

On May 30th, English teacher Mr. Huber will be holding East’s first Filmmakers Festival from 7-8:30pm in the Auditorium. This festival will display student...

January Coffee House Photos

Check out these amazing photographs by Tricia Pickelhaupt from our January Coffee House!      

East Baseball and Softball

The East Side News sat down with the Williamsville East Varsity Softball and Baseball teams to discuss how they continue to maintain the hot...

Advice Column: Ask Steph

Q: How do I talk to my parents about something I want to do if I’m not sure they’d let me? A: Talk to them...

Say “Hey” to Mr. Gray

By: Nicole Kazmierczak For students wondering who the new smiling face is in the main office,  new Assistant Principal. Mr. Gray has recently joined our...

East’s New Alma Mater

Williamsville East has an alma mater? Yes, apparently we do. Our OP-ED editor Maureen Meosky, a “senior”, has been chosen to write new music...

East Gets in the Holiday Spirit by Giving to Those in Need

In the past few weeks, many different clubs have been getting in the holiday spirit by raising money to help people in need. Stand Up,...

Life Hacks for the Second Semester

By Gabe Guo The holidays have passed, and midterms are over. Soon, the snow will melt, and spring, then summer, will come. It is important...

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