Saturday, May 8, 2021

[Video] GSA Club Still Meeting Virtually

Despite not being able to meet in person for any meetings, the GSA is creating safety for students at East through Zoom meetings every other Thursday.

Challenge to Change is Helping Spread Awareness to Social Justice Issues

Challenge to Change is a program designed to help spread awareness of a variety of social justice issues to high school students, and students discuss ways in which they think they can help with these issues and reflect on ways these issues have affected our community.

Passing the Torch to Mrs. Lederman

It is an honor for me to pass the TORCH to Mrs. Lederman. Please help me to congratulate her on being the next TORCH recipient.

Seniors Know a Thing or Two About High School

Seven seniors responded to a survey to share what they learned about grades, socialization, school clubs, and what’s important. What they said can help us to make our years of high school the best we can make it.

How the Lockdown Has Affected the Introverts of East High School

While it enabled some individuals to spend more time with their pets and families at home, it has also stripped many from meeting their family and friends that live elsewhere. This situation has consequently had positive and negative effects depending on an individual’s personality, lifestyle, and their perspective on socializing.

East Literary Digest Meets With Poet Keith S. Wilson

On March 4th, the East Literary Digest met with poet Keith S. Wilson, author of Fieldnotes on Ordinary Love, over Zoom to listen to him read and discuss his work.

Getting up to Date on NHS

According to Mr. Meyer, Williamsville East math teacher (and now father to two kids!), NHS will hold a meeting at the end of March with hopes of a ‘Kids Escaping Drugs’ bowling event occurring in April or May.

Williamsville East Prepares for AP Exams Amidst New Changes

The district decided that all hybrid students will be expected to take their AP exams during the first administration from May 3rd to May 17. Remote students can expect a survey asking them whether or not they are able to come into the building to take in-person exams.

What’s Up with Girl Up?

Girls Up, a club connected to the United Nations designed to support women throughout the world, is one of the few clubs still running despite not being able to meet in person.

Seniors Still Planning to End the Year Strong

There has been talk of planning a different end of the year senior bash, whether that is at the school or an alternate location we do not know.

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