Saturday, December 4, 2021

What the U.S. Economic Recovery Looks Like

At over 1.7 million coronavirus cases as of May 30th, 2020, most of the country has started to reopen the economy after a multi-month long lockdown. It is important to note that it is almost impossible for everything to just go back to its old self within a few months, but the economy does appear to be taking the first steps of a lengthy road to recovery.

Airlines face heavy job losses

As talk of when the coronavirus pandemic will slow down continues, companies are gearing up for the worst. Airlines are being hit hard by...

Potential Impact of Not Having A Second Stimulus Package

By Michael Ge Source: Angela Lang/Cnet Congress and the President have been at odds with each other over the passage of a second stimulus package.  Talks...

Impact of New Climate Report on the US Economy

There have been worries about the US economy and how it will be impacted for decades. Speculation has run wild as the world tries to combat climate change. The future is looking increasingly uncertain for the largest economy in the world if climate change isn’t combatted swiftly, but seldom has it been put into words of the disaster that will come if climate change isn’t stopped.

The Stock Market After Trump and Unemployment Report

On October 2nd at 12:54 AM, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he and his wife, Melania, had tested positive for COVID-19. The news came shortly after Trump announced that he and Melania would go into quarantine after Counselor to the President, Hope Hicks, had tested positive for COVID-19 after travelling with the President and First Lady.

Citi CEO to Retire Next Year, Paving Way for First Female CEO

Citi CEO Michael Corbat announced on Thursday that he was retiring after eight years in the position, putting an end to his 37 years at the bank. Jane Fraser, the current retail banking chief, will succeed him.

US Economic Recovery

By Grace Hwang Source: TheStreet Due to the coronavirus, the US entered a steep economic recession in February. But now that some businesses have reopened, it...

Airlines Cut Jobs as Second Wave Progresses

Source: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren By Seth Gellman As the second wave of Coronavirus continues across the world, Cathay Pacific and Boeing have announced thousands of...

Blue Origin Launches Tourism Spaceship

By Seth Gellman Source: Blue Origin, NYT Blue Origin, a rocket venture owned by Jeff Bezos, launched its space tourism rocket to the edge of Earth’s...

Salesforce to Acquire Slack in $27.7 Billion Deal

Salesforce, a company that primarily deals with digital customer service, is set to buy Slack for 27.7 billion dollars. Salesforce just recently passed 20 billion dollars in their annual revenue. With their recent increase in revenue, they are willing to take a gamble in buying Slack.

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