Crumbl Cookie Opens on Transit


By: Tabitha Swiatek

My fellow students, the time has come. Coming soon, there will be a Crumbl Cookies next to Spot Coffee on Transit Road.

This is a tremendous step forward for East Amherst to add another delicious component to our community. You will no longer have to drive all the way to Niagara Falls Boulevard to pick up the cookie you desire. Instead, you can drive a short 5 minutes after school and pick up your cookie on Transit road. Here is the brief history of Crumbl Cookies: Crumbl Cookies was founded by 2 cousins, Jason Mcgowan and Sawyer Hemsley. The first Crumbl Cookies opened in 2017, in Logan, Utah. Without Crumble Cookies, we wouldn’t be able to satisfy our cookie cravings in a brisk manner. This may offend the Insomnia Cookies fans, but I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles…