Treat or Rainbow Fentanyl?


By: Jack Stewart, Nashwan Sanaullah, Vihaan Majumdar, Aryaman Chutke, Sophia Chung, Piatek Lillian

These things look like smarties. They probably smell like them too. These sweet treats may hide an unexpected trick. Weighing in at 50x stronger than heroin and 100x stronger than morphine, they’re actually the most potent drug known to man – fentanyl.  Much controversy is present regarding their candy-like appearance as parents express concerns that the colorful drugs may soon end up in their child’s Halloween candy. Every single year, there are warnings of drugs and other dangerous elements being present in candies. The DEA has issued warnings for the rainbow fentanyl’s similarities to standard Halloween candies, like smarties and skittles. 

These fears have largely been dismissed by experts. The DEA warning states that Mexican cartels and dealers have deliberately made the appearance as it is to get it into the hands of children. Anne Milgram, a DEA Administrator, has stated that rainbow fentanyl is “a deliberate effort by drug traffickers to drive addiction among kids and young adults.” However, experts debate whether the drugs are actually reaching children.