APs are Coming: What to Know

Image: westwoodhorizon.com

It is that time of year! The weather is getting warm, spring sports are up and running, and AP exam preparations are just about to start. All AP classes are unique and contribute to the academic excellence here at Williamsville East. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the most popular, and least popular, AP exams. Let’s also take a look at the future of AP exams!

There are AP classes for a vast number of fields of study. According to College Board, some AP classes that 30,000 seniors wish they could take if offered at their school were AP Psychology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science A. Now, what are the most popular AP Classes that students of all highschool grade levels participate in? Well, according to College Board, those classes are AP English Language and Composition, AP United States History, AP English Literature and Composition, AP World History: Modern, and AP United States Government and Politics. Most AP classes are rigorous, time demanding, and can be very difficult. But which AP class has the hardest AP exam? According to College Transitions, the AP class with the lowest pass rate is AP Physics 1. The passing rate for the AP Physics 1 exam is around 40%-50%. Which AP Exam has the highest pass rate? According to College Board’s 2023 AP Score Distributions, the AP class with the highest pass rate on the exam was AP Chinese, with a pass rate of 88.4%! This was followed by AP Seminar, with a passing rate of 85%, and AP Drawing, with a passing rate of 84.8%.

 What does the future look like for the AP Exams? Will the AP exams have a fate similar to that of the SAT? As we all know, College Board is offering the SAT digitally through Bluebook. What about the AP exams? Will those be offered digitally? The answer to that question is yes! According to College Board, some AP Exams will be offered digitally starting this May.

The Ap Exams have and continue to be an amazing asset of schooling here at Williamsville East. We got to take a look at some of the easiest and hardest AP classes, as well as their passing rates. We now know that some AP Exams will be offered digitally this May, but what will the rest of the future look like for the AP exams? Will they all be digital? That is something we will soon find out.