Athlete of the Week: January

Bella Ascone, one of East's track team stars. Photo by Bella Ascone

By Jasmitha Keesara

In an exceptional week of athletic achievements, two standout athletes from Williamsville East High School have secured the coveted title of Athletes of the Week. Bella Ascone, a track and field star, showcased her talent by setting two personal records in consecutive days, while Roman Tedeschi, a swimmer of immense talent, earned his recognition by qualifying for the NYS Championship Meet and breaking a pool record.

Bella’s Track Triumphs:

Bella’s remarkable week in track and field began with a display of sheer determination and skill. Bella’s outstanding performances came as no surprise to those who have witnessed her dedication and drive. The talented athlete’s commitment to excellence was further highlighted when she contributed to the East 4×4 Relay team, which achieved the extraordinary feat of setting an all-time school record and qualified for Nike Nationals this January.  Her record-breaking performances have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the track and field program at Williamsville East High School. 

Roman’s Swimming Success:

Roman emerged as a standout performer in the 100 Backstroke. During the dual meet against Kenmore on January 3, 2024, Roman secured his spot in the prestigious NYS Championship Meet. However, Roman’s journey to Athlete of the Week did not end there. Just two days later, Roman continued his impressive streak by not only participating but excelling in the 100 Backstroke at Starpoint High School. His exceptional performance earned him the distinction of setting a new pool record.

Bella and Roman’s outstanding achievements on the track and in the pool have rightfully earned them the recognition of Players of the Week. Their dedication, skill, and sportsmanship have not only brought pride to Williamsville East High School but have also set new standards for excellence in their respective sports. As these athletes continue to push the boundaries of their abilities, they serve as inspirations to their teammates and the entire school community, reminding everyone of the power of hard work, passion, and the pursuit of greatness in the world of high school athletics.