East Adds New Language Class: Pig Latin

Image: HowStuffWorks

By Emma Wu

In light of growing recognition for all cultures and languages, East has decided to add one of the most profound, enlightening languages of the world to the classes offered in the year of 2024-2025. This ancient language has laid foundations for the world and its people with its delicate nuances and unique cadence. It has been noted for its special tones that produce words and phrases with pleasing sounds and a rhythmic beat. Pig Latin classes are coming to East!

This is a renowned secret code language that has been with English since the beginning. Some may say that this is a simple language game that is done by taking the initial consonant or consonant cluster at the beginning of the word and transferring it to the end and then adding a vocalic syllable. For example, Pig Latin is Igpay Atinlay. However, make no mistake, this language is a complex, nuanced subject that has been studied for centuries, creating its own set of elaborate rules and grammar. It is a strong language, one that has been spoken and written throughout time, thus leaving its oral and physical mark in our texts and language tree. 

Ms. Wagar, our famous AP Spanish, Spanish 3 and 4A, and French teacher, has announced that she will be teaching this wonderful course next year. She reveals that she is so excited for this class and anticipates such a large turnout that her classroom will be expanding to accommodate all of her students. She reports, “I love being able to talk to people without anyone else understanding. Love that.” Her profound reflection on this amazing language will be emphasized in her class. This will be a fun, educational course that contains remnants of our history, encompassing a wide range of knowledge. Pig Latin will be a class impacting generations to come, and we hope it will be implemented as a course that will continue at East for all future classes. We hope you signed up to take the course!