A Titanic Announcement: Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Dates Woman Above 25

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in an iconic scene from Titanic. Source: People

By: Eileen Wang

It’s truly a Titanic romance! Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are officially reunited, but this time, they’ve finally announced that they’re dating! 

After working on the iconic Hollywood romance film, Titanic, together in 1997, it was clear that there was chemistry between a young DiCaprio, who played the lively, charming Jack Dawson, and Winslet, who played the free-spirited, bold Rose DeWitt Bukater. While they shared numerous romantic on screen moments, many fans speculated that there were also sparks flying between them off screen. Well, almost three decades later, they’ve been proven right! 

Although DiCaprio and Winslet have constantly denied any romantic relationship between them, this didn’t stop fans from shipping (no pun intended) them for the past 27 years. After all, the pair’s love for each other has shone brightly on several occasions. In 2008, they reconnected on screen for the 2008 movie Revolutionary Road. Though this time they played a couple with a failing marriage — nothing like the romantic lovers from their previous collaboration — it was obvious that the Titanic chemistry was still there. Additionally, these two have always been each other’s biggest supporters. Whether it was Winslet gushing about her love for DiCaprio during her 2009 Golden Globes speech or DiCaprio calling her his favorite actress in Hollywood, it’s abundantly clear that these two are meant for each other. Besides, they still quote lines from Titanic to each other! 

Their recently confirmed romance also serves as a prominent milestone in DiCaprio’s dating history. While the actor has previously been criticized for only dating women younger than 25, it seems that he’s finally broken his under-25 dating rule by initiating a romantic relationship with Winslet, who’s 48 years old. Despite DiCaprio being linked to several models in the past and Winslet’s previous marriages, these two have finally found their way back to each other and will “never let go” of this relationship.