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The East Literary Digest’s Bulwer-Lytton Contest Results

Philip Baillargeon took first place with a painfully alliterative submission revolving around the unfortunate Ernest Eckerfell.

Final Music Wing Addition Brings New Life to Old Rooms

Williamsville East’s music wing renovations started in 2018 and they’re finally done. With the start of the new year, musicians are able to enjoy the extra space. How successfully are the renovations working for the music wing? 

Passing the Torch: Ms. Calleri

Ms. Calleri inspires us all with her enthusiasm, her dedication to her students, and her willingness to always take the time to help others. Her extraordinary lesson plans infused with impressive technology engages students and makes learning fun.

Ms. Fey-Daly Wins the Singer Family Prize and the S. S. Dept. Raises Money...

By Amanda Ojeda The Williamsville East High School teachers and staff are without a doubt passionate and committed to the work they do for their...

Passing the Torch: Mrs. Bailey

I would like to pass the TORCH to a strong, compassionate and caring person, someone that I have had the pleasure to co-teach with for 15 going on 16 years--Mrs. Bailey.

Spring Sports Are On Fire!

By Sarah Brunskill After a long wait, the spring sports season has come once more. Lacrosse, softball, baseball, track, and men’s tennis are back in...

Sources of Strength “Wear the Colors of the Wheel” Day

On Tuesday, May 25th, and Friday, May 28th, let’s celebrate this achievement by wearing the colors that represent our greatest Source of Strength that has carried us through.

The Growing List of East Clubs

Extracurriculars are a great way to get involved with the East community all while doing things you are passionate about. You will be sure to gain some positive experiences!

Passing the Torch: Mrs. Lang

We may go days without seeing this person, but this person takes good care of all of us behind the scenes. Any paper copy a student is given goes through IMC. In that room, the person who is in charge, Gail Lang, handles most of the copies.

Upcoming Music Concerts

October is a big month for the music department - the first concerts in the auditorium since December 2019 are scheduled to take place for band, orchestra, and chorale.

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