Political Forum Club Investigates Our World


By Colleen Meosky

Photo Source: https://livestream.com/cityofportlandtn

Political Forum is one of East’s clubs that returned this spring, run by Dr. Redmond of the Social Studies department. The club focuses on providing a respectful environment to discuss many different political issues. So far, discussion topics have been gun control, the death penalty, and minimum wage. 

Dr. Redmond creates a comfortable space for people to share their views and nicely respond to other people’s remarks. If you attend a meeting, you will be exposed to many perspectives at East and see what your classmates prioritize and value. Club members are given a unique experience to see where others are coming from, which is critical in this day and age considering our country’s extreme polarized political climate. Students are encouraged to partake in the discussion, but it is also fine if you would prefer to observe. 

All students are welcome, and the next meeting is this Thursday, April 29th from 3-4 PM. The discussion topic will be immigration. It might be wise to do a few minutes of research on the issue, but it is not required. 


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