Written by Amanda Ojeda and Colleen Meosky

Source: act.girlup.org

Hello! We are the co-presidents of Girl Up, and we are both current sophomores. As we are starting to bring this school year to a close, we are looking for two leaders to fill the positions of secretary and treasurer for next year. 


  • Candidates must currently be a freshman, sophomore, or junior. 
  • An active member of Girl Up. This means you have participated in more than one club activity. (For example, you are not qualified if you have donated cards for volunteer hours but have not attended a regular meeting.)  


  • Attend meetings regularly. We will try our best to accommodate all of our schedules. We typically have two meetings a month.
  • Attend officer meetings regularly. Most of these are directly after a club meeting and are relatively brief. 
  • Read and respond to WITSmails promptly. 
  • Help participate in club projects.
  • The secretary will post about all meetings/fundraisers/donation drives on social media. They will also submit morning announcements to the administration.
  • For treasurer, one will be expected to be able to handle and keep track of our current Girl Up funds. They will also help Mrs. Fey-Daly transfer monetary donations during our fundraisers.
  • Co-presidents will still decide on the projects, discussion topics, and events. That being said, we will continue to value your input as a club member 🙂


All current club members will vote through a Google Form (which will be posted after the application due date), and responses will be anonymous. We will also not reveal the voting percentages. We, as club co-presidents, will vote, but ours will count the same amount as our members’.

If you wish to apply for a position, please fill out the following Google Form, and follow the directions on the slideshow, which will be the basis for what the members, including Colleen and Amanda, will vote on. For anyone that wishes to join the club, the join code is: dn7gxpi

We are both very excited to welcome and work with our new 2021-2022 officers and encourage you to run for a position if you wish to do so. Thank you for your dedication and hard work this year 🙂


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