Passing the Torch: Mrs. Ieda

Image: Mrs. Kantz

By Mrs. Kantz

It is my pleasure to pass the Torch along to Anneke Ieda. Anneke works tirelessly with all students to provide them with the best instruction and musical experiences possible. She is kind and compassionate and just loves to share her passion for music and all things orchestral with everyone. Anneke’s students appreciate her patience and understanding, especially when she sees they are having a bad day. Anneke also provides experiences for students outside of the classroom. She planned the music trip to Cleveland last year, which was extremely well organized—boy did we see and do a lot in 3 days!—and planned a trip to the BPO when COVID prevented travel. Valuing and providing trips like this is just one example of her willingness and desire to share cultural experiences with students outside of the classroom and take much of her own personal time to do so. Not to mention the amount of work and dedication it takes to plan Winterfest!

Anneke is just a great person and mentor to her students, as well as a fabulous musician in her own right (and my roomie on out of town trips!). East is lucky to have her and I am so honored to pass the Torch to her. 

Yeah for Anneke!