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Ensemble Stars: A Basic Introduction and Upcoming Events

Ensemble Stars: it’s idol hell, rhythm game hell, and gacha hell all rolled into one. Is it good for one’s health to gamble their soul away on JPGs while desperately tapping circles on a screen? Probably not. But it sure is addictive.

Ensemble Stars: Fan Analysis, the Event Rotation, and the 5* Rotation

There are two types of Ensemble Stars players: the ones who are broke, and the ones who made a dozen spreadsheets for the game.

BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 is a Big Hit

Ten months after the release of Map of the Soul: Persona, supergroup BTS (made up of members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) released the highly anticipated album Map of the Soul: 7. Each member contributed in writing and/or producing the tracks on the album. Nine days after its release, the album sold more than 4 million copies, with over 347,000 pure album sales. Map of the Soul: 7 debuted as BTS’ fourth number 1 album on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Edward’s Reviews: Spider-Man: Far From Home is a Perfect Spider-Man Story!

  by Edward Baillargeon           In this age in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man has became one of the series’ breakout characters thanks to a deal made...

Raise a Suilen’s ERA Sweep Fans off their Feet

ERA is the first album by Raise a Suilen, a Japanese electronic-rock band that is a part of the BanG Dream! multimedia project. They are often called “RAS” by fans and the members. Released on August 19th, 2020, this album contains 12 songs, and the full track list runs for about 53 minutes.

Edward’s Reviews: Toy Story 4 is an Excellent Conclusion to Pixar’s Legendary Franchise!

by Edward Baillargeon             In 1995, a little animation studio known as Pixar Animation Studios would revolutionize and change the game for the animation industry with...

Hazbin Hotel- a review

Have you ever felt that you could change the world, but the world doesn’t want to change? That it’s up to you to convince...

Album Review: If You’re Not Afraid, I’m not Afraid by Queen of Jeans

Queen of Jeans’ If You’re not Afraid, I’m not Afraid is a well-made and oftentimes beautiful album.

Movie Review: Joker (2019)

This review contains spoilers. Since its debut a few weeks ago at the Venice Film Festival, where it won the top prize, Todd Phillips’s Joker...

Watching “Wonder” With Your Family

By Taichi Shimizu As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have been staying at home for long times. Everyone wants to watch some movies during the...

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