Happy First Anniversary, Project Sekai!

Source: Craft Egg/Project Sekai official art; new Miku 4* card.

By Angelina Hu

On September 20th, 2021, Project Sekai celebrated its first anniversary with a variety of special events and goodies for its fans, ranging from a special set of ingame cards to a new song campaign and more. 

Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku is a Japanese gacha rhythm game developed by the companies SEGA, Colorful Palette, and Craft Egg. It is centered around Vocaloid characters, a cast of 20 original main characters, and their stories together. All of the songs in the game are Vocaloid songs.

For the anniversary, players received 3000 crystals and seven 10-pull tickets through a login campaign. In addition, another 3000 crystals were distributed on October 4th to celebrate the game hitting #1 on the top sales chart in Japan. The ingame anniversary event, “Scramble Fan FESTA,” came with a Colorful Festival gacha boasting doubled 4* rates that featured limited cards of all-purpose Miku, Ichika, Minori, Kohane, and Tsukasa.

VBS’s mid-October event, Bout for Beside You, was An-focal. Touya finally got his third 4*, alongside Miku’s eighth. WxS’s late-October event, Revival my Dream, was Rui-focal with Emu and Nene 4*s. It’s odd for Rui to get not one but two Halloween events, but we’ll take it because we get to see art of him and Nene as kids. In addition, at the time of this article being written, the events for November have yet to be announced, but Mizuki and Ena’s limited 25-ji banner is speculated to be the first in the month.

Twelve new songs were also added as part of a special campaign, excluding the event songs. These include Gunsei Sanka (by Eve), Machine Gun Poem Doll (the first master level 34 song in the game), Meltdown, Venom, Lost One’s Weeping, and more.

The anniversary has also brought about many new in-game features. For the next year, all characters will be getting special birthday gachas featuring a unique 4*. Judging by Haruka and Honami’s, they will all be floral-themed, just like Bandori’s.

Also, a member exchange feature will be added, where event 2* and 3* can be exchanged for using gacha tickets (the green ones obtained by pulling from gachas) 6 months after they were first released, while 4* can be exchanged for 1 year after they were first released. The ability to exchange for specific 4* using F2P items is unique to Project Sekai, out of all the popular Asian gacha games.

A collaboration with the Evillious Chronicles series will be held in December. Four songs will be added, and lim 4* for each of the Vocaloids (except Miku) will be added in correlation with them. Miku will receive a special campaign 2* instead.Finally, the Project Sekai English version will be released at the end of 2021! No definite date has been pinned down, but please look forward to the global edition of the game.


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