Thursday, December 2, 2021

Seniors Still Planning to End the Year Strong

There has been talk of planning a different end of the year senior bash, whether that is at the school or an alternate location we do not know.

Promposal Season Strikes East

Prom is all about finding the perfect date to spend the night with. This search is all about the perfect prom proposal (promposal for...

Don’t Miss Our Fall Play!

The Crucible- Caroline Geiger It’s 1692 and the town of Salem, Massachusetts is plagued with the impending crisis of the multiple children attaining an illness...

No Walls No Problem

When someone I meet who doesn’t go to East asks me about my school, I always begin by saying “Well, we don’t have walls...”...

The New Norm: Life in Quarantine

Many people have been dealing with both quarantine and coronavirus/ covid-19 respectively in many different ways, shapes, or forms. The few people interviewed about it during quarantine had much to say about it. Plenty of both good and bad have come out of the quarantine.

East Builds New Digs for the Music Department

This March, the Williamsville Central School District broke ground on East’s new music wing. Active planning for the project began in 2018, and the music department expects to welcome all chorus and orchestra students into their newly renovated spaces by September 2021. Additionally, the band room will be renovated next summer. Here’s what Dr. Shewan and Ms. Reilly, soon-to-be residents of this beautiful music wing, had to say about this $7.1 million project:

Students Clean up Allentown

This past Saturday, the 26th of October, a group of eleven high schoolers (Aidan Beecher, Anna Brown, Serena Fan, Elizabeth Goldstein, Dan Krieger,...

How COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Our Jobs

As CoronaVirus spread worldwide earlier this year, many people had to change their working styles. I interviewed four people, David Cheon (junior) who attends WEHS, Rachel Rosenthal, senior, who has a part-time job, Mrs. Korn, who teaches chemistry at WEHS, and Yasu who works at UB, and asked them five questions. Let’s hear what they had to say.

East Alumna Ananya Murthy Bikes from Austin to Anchorage

By Daniel Krieger Most students use their bikes for short distances. Perhaps to get to school, or go to a friends house. You might ride...

Reset, Relaunch, Return: What Back to School Looks Like This Year

Superintendent Dr. John McKenna explained that the hybrid and remote learning plans are not equitable and need to be reformed immediately, stating, “We need to take a step back in order to take two steps forward.”

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