Be a Part of Something Bigger at Girl Up

Girl Up met on Valentine’s Day for a discussion about relationships. Source: Instagram @wehsgirlup

By Alex Kappel

Girl Up is a club here at Williamsville East that is dedicated to supporting the health, safety, and education of young girls worldwide. This club is advised by Mrs. Fey-Daly, and she feels that there is a great sense of community, fun activities, and regular meetings.

Some of the upcoming events are fundraisers, meetings, and even a self-defense class sometime in the spring. Treasurer Grace Kaiser said that the self-defense class has been “talked about for years,” and she is very excited to teach some of the girls going off to college the basics about defending themselves.

You may be worried that it is too late to join, but Grace said, “Everyone is always welcome. We encourage you to come to the meetings and activities that interest you.” Their doors are open to all genders too, not just women.

Freshman Mallory Daniels said that she joined Girl Up because she wanted to try something new. She said that it was very educational learning how to lift other women up. When asked if she feels like she is a part of something bigger, she responded,“Learning about societal issues for women has helped me become more aware of how I can help to make an impact.” She said that she is excited to see where the club will go in the rest of her future at East.

Girl Up meets in room 307, and the iIstagram account (@wehsgirlup) is a great place to find the meeting dates, times, and topics.