East UNICEF Club Partners with Journey’s End

Source: @wehsunicef on Instagram

By Kay Jung

Williamsville East’s UNICEF club plans for the future, partnering with Journeys End to focus “on Buffalo’s refugee community” , Gia Panesar said, an officer for East UNICEF club. Buffalo currently has a large refugee population. With East partnering with Journey End Refugee Services and UNICEF they plan on providing aid to those in need of essential resources.

UNICEF is an organization focused on children rights. It stands for United Nations International Children Fund. Before Winter break the club held a candy cane fundraiser with all the proceeds going to UNICEF says Mrs. Fey-Daly.

For many at East , issues discussed by UNICEF are very crucial conversations. Grace Kaiser said “ I am in UNICEF because I think it’s an important club to spread awareness about humanitarian issues and I think it crucial that high school students are involved in issues that affect them and the world.”

UNICEF at East is providing students with a platform to assist their community. Students are working together to educate one another on the current issues happening in the world and solving those problems locally. Their goal is to continue fighting for equality for all children around the world. Although high school students may be young UNICEF believes it’s important that students are aware of problems in the world and that they advocate and fundraise for children’s rights.

East UNICEF will continue to be posting on Instagram @wehsunicef and on the morning announcements for further updates and meetings.