Film Appreciation Society: Films, Food, Friends


By Allison Ludwig

Are you a film buff or someone who loves free food? Then, Film Appreciation Society might be the club for you. This club is for people who have a passion for movies and appreciate being with people who share that same passion. Film Appreciation Society gives people an opportunity to see many different genres of movies they may normally not choose to watch. This allows clubgoers to step out of their comfort zones and fully appreciate the broad spectrum of storytelling styles.

Mr. Raskopf and Mrs. Pankow are the perfect advisors for this club. Mr. Raskopf has an undergraduate degree in Film and Television, meaning he has great experience and knowledge of films that students may not have yet acquired. He reminisced, “I grew up always liking movies. They have always been a part of my life. I just love watching them, love sharing them, and love hearing what students like to watch.”

This club usually meets only once a month. “We typically meet Thursday afternoons… On March 16th, we are going to be watching Napoleon Dynamite, and on April 20th, we are going to be watching Grave of the Fireflies, an animated movie,” Mr. Raskopf said.

Jack Stewart, a club member, said that his favorite movie that he watched in this club was Everything Everywhere All at Once. William Ludwig, another club member, said his favorite movie was Us. He said, “The film had high marks in all areas; the storytelling, cinematography, suspense, and acting. This made it a great movie to show for Film Appreciation Society.” He also enjoys the snacks, which typically consist of popcorn and chips.

So, stop by Room 213 on March 16 for an afternoon of fun and film. Come for the snacks, stay for the flicks. And don’t forget to “Vote for Pedro!”