The Bonfire S2 E3: Ms. Taberski and School Mental Health Round Table


On this episode of the Bonfire, Philip interviews Ms. Taberski, the school social worker, about the role she plays in students lives. Philip and Ms. Taberski also discuss what The Flavors of East brings to the school environment and how you can attend the event. This episode’s round table discussion ranges from talking about the stressful AP culture in high schools and the befits of having a mental health day be a valid school absence.


  • Special Guest: Ms. Taberski
  • Interviewer / Lead Host: Philip Baillargeon
  • Producer: Gabe Guo
  • Executive Producer: Mr. Huber
  • Staff: Henry Su
  • Light technician: James Liu
  • Editor: Leonardo Yana-Romero
  • Film Consultant: Mr. Belling

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