Saturday, June 15, 2024

India Possibly Renaming Itself

By Evania Ernest Prime Minister Nahendra Modi at the 2023 G20 Summit. Image: X@G20 One of the world’s most well-known countries may soon be changing its...

TikTok Has Hijacked Our Brains

By Farhin Namira Everyone has heard about Tiktok. You may love it, hate it, or have used it, but one thing is for sure –...

Freetime is Becoming Scarce, and the Results Are Not Looking Good

There are twenty-four hours in a day. Ask yourself this: how many of your twenty-four hours are taken up by school and extracurriculars? And how many, therefore, are left for you to enjoy? For the average student at Williamsville East High School, the vast majority of the day is occupied by activity after activity.

So, What is the Lunar New Year?

By Angelina Tang For many of us AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) teenagers born in the states, the Lunar New Year stands as one of...

South Korea’s Halloween Crowd Crush

At 5pm on October 29th, the streets of the Itaewon district in Seoul, South Korea were crowded with young people celebrating Halloween. As time went on, these streets became unbelievably packed.

Dumb Holes: Smarter Than You (Think)

Black holes are interesting creatures, but they also happen to be the most violent and angry looking dots that we have ever come across. It's really, really ethically questionable to research them. Anyone who gets close just doesn't come back.

Energy for the Future: The Latest in Nuclear Fusion 

By Simon Li and Jonah Ruddock       Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, and spikes in extreme weather are all being caused by man-made pollution of...

How Redistricting is Playing Out So Far

By Will Demartinis As we approach the looming 2022 campaign season everyone's favorite political guessing game of which party rigs the house further in their...

The Uncanny Valley: Humans, Humanoids, Humanity

In the 1970s, roboticist Masahiro Mori hypothesized that as an object becomes increasingly human-like in appearance, viewers will feel increasingly empathetic and positive towards it. However, this correlation does not continue forever. Once the object reaches a certain point of human imitation, viewers will respond with a sense of fear, disgust, and anxiety. This dip, where empathy turns to apathy and an impression of warmth gives way to one of chilling eeriness, is what he calls the uncanny valley. 

Georgia, Build Back Better, and the Debt Limit

By William DeMartinis Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images file Last week, I was confronted with the idea of there being zero news in the US. Now,...

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