Wednesday, December 1, 2021

How to Help Afghan Refugees

After the Biden administration decided to remove all US troops from Afghanistan earlier this year, the Taliban takeover has created chaos for its residents. Many of you have most likely seen the poignant images and videos circulating online, from women and children protesting to protect their right to education, to the hundreds of people trying to hang onto a departing plane, desperate to leave the country. These heartbreaking scenes have captured the world and may have left you wondering how you can help. There is now an easy way to do so!

Biden on a Budget

President Joe Biden’s domestic policy is facing a serious gridlock. His ambitious $3.5 trillion budget proposal has stalled in the Senate while his infrastructure package has languished in the House.

Germany’s “Last Generation” Hunger Strikes for Change in Climate Policy

On August 30th, the German activist group Der Letzen Generation began an indefinite hunger strike. What they wanted was a promise of change from the three candidates vying to replace German chancellor Angel Merkel.

Super Bowl Quarterback Matchup

Here we are again. Another Brady vs Mahomes matchup, this time on an even bigger stage than last time. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, and we had two of the best teams in the NFL face off this past Sunday: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their suffocating defense versus the Kansas City Chiefs and their high flying offense, a battle that will go down in history.

Just Peachy: The Battle for the Senate Runs Through Georgia

In the election that keeps on giving, two final races will likely decide the fate of Joe Biden’s presidency. In a state the president elect won by 0.2%, two Senate seats remain undecided.

APRIL FOOLS – UB announces change in acceptance policy for the class of 2021

by Nikitha Kamath Whether you are confident about the existence of climate change, staunchly believe that vaccination is a hoax or find yourself wondering if...

Galen Rupp Makes the Cut

Another four years have passed since the 2016 Rio Olympics, which means the Summer Olympics have returned. This year, they will be held...

Bull Market Ends

By Ryan Chou On Tuesday, March 10, the DOW Jones bull market officially ended. After 11 years of generally continuous growth with the DOW and...

Bill Gates Steps Down

By Ryan Chou At the start of a new and volatile decade from an economic standpoint, another big event has happened this month: Bill Gates,...

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