Rising Threats as Putin and Kim Jong-Un Discuss Weapons

Source: ABC News

By Armita Rohani

Amidst rising tensions between arms-deals, nuclear warfare, and Ukraine’s outcome  during this tolling  war, communist leaders Kim Jong-Un and Putin plan to meet in person to discuss strengthening ties and supplying weapons later this month. The news comes shortly before the G20 summit, where UN members met in India this past weekend — excluding Russia and North Korea. 

The North Korean leader is planning to travel from Pyongyang to Vladivostok by armored train to discuss the possibility of exchanging weapons and fortifying alliances. While Russia wants weaponry and military cooperation, North Korea wants nuclear and other advanced technologies. To combat the succeeding Ukrainian counter-offensive, Mr. Putin is desperate for  artillery shells and anti-tank missiles, while Mr. Kim seeks provisional aid for his starving and impoverished nation, as well as nuclear-powered submarines and technology for satellites. This comes after Kim’s numerous attempts into sending a spy satellite into space back in April: both attempts failing nonetheless.  In lighter news, U.S. officials have cleared the possibility of North Korea currently possessing a nuclear-powered sub, but this meeting could change that. 

Although the “meeting news” is new, the advancing military cooperation isn’t: the White House warned of high-level discussions as the two countries exchanged letters back in August.  White House spokesman John F. Kirby declined to say  how the United States gained this information, but emphasized that publicizing this never impacted the follow through. For instance, the Russian-Iranian arms deal didn’t stop just because their secret alliance got revealed; Kirby doubts that the same will happen with North Korea. As Russia’s supply chains are still sanctioned, Moscow has continued to look to its allies for weapon aid — as well as other rogue regimes. According to Kirby, it is but a sign of “desperation and weakness on Putin’s part.” 

As the meeting is continuing to be planned, Shoigu — the Russian Defense Minister — says that Russia is “considering holding joint military exercises in North Korea.”  Shoigu told reporters: “We are discussing it with everyone, including North Korea. You don’t choose your neighbors, and it’s better to live in peace and harmony with your neighbors.” Not only will this parade intimidate the democratic west, but it would heighten the political and militaristic bonds between these communist regimes and its personnel. 

In the midst of all this, the U.S. National Security advisor Jake Sullivan responded on behalf of the White House, warning: “I cannot predict to you what will happen at the end of this. I can only say that the discussions have been actively advancing, and the Russians have imbued them with an increased intensity.”

God Bless America.