Welcome Back From Break!


By Armita Rohani

After a snowy break and the start of a new year, schools across the country start reopening doors to students. With only six months left to go, there are plenty of things to look forward to (dreadfully or joyfully) in the 2023 school year.

Guidance will start scheduling for next year’s courses in the upcoming weeks; be sure to check the course catalog to start planning out the classes you’ll be taking next year. Presentations about selections were already held, and meetings with counselors are currently ongoing to help you choose your 2023-2024 school year schedule. Be sure to plan ahead–watch for courses that will only be offered next year, and be flexible with your schedule. Midterms week will be held on the last week of January, as well as the PACT which will be offered on the 26th. Students will only show up to school if they have an exam, and review sessions will be held throughout classes leading up to them. There will also be no school on January 16th because of Martin Luther King Jr’s Day. Sports, clubs, and field trips will resume as well.

While January may be a busy month because of midterms, the rest of the year will be promising as well. There will be another week-long break in February, from the 20th-24th, as well as the Valentines Day sale hosted by Student Council. In March, the farmers market is back, Anastasia and Unity and Diversity will be performed, Spring Spirit week will occur, and our side-by-side concerts and the district art show will go on. In April, the month starts off with another week-long break, AP exam review, and a trip to Cleveland for the music department. National Honor Society will host their induction ceremony and student council elections will be held. May will bring two weeks of AP exams, class elections, and the Junior Dinner Dance for the class of ‘24. The school year will wrap up in June, with nearly two weeks of finals, Prom, an ice cream social on the last day of school, and graduation.

Welcome back East students!