New Care Club Wants Future Healthcare Professionals


By Megha Pendyala

There’s a new club at Williamsville East High School called the Will East Care Club. This unique club helps people gain exposure to different aspects of the healthcare field and will help to explain different career opportunities relating to this club. This is a very useful club to join, especially if you are interested in the medical field as there will be chances to volunteer and get hands-on experience of what being in the healthcare field would look like. Doctors and medical professionals will speak to the club and provide insight on their journey through the healthcare system as well as offer advice to those who aspire to continue in this field.

Opportunities to shadow health care procedures may also be available. This club also dives into medicinal law and psychology. The next meeting is said to be held sometime around mid-January, yet the exact date isn’t set. For more information, people should follow the Will East Care Club Instagram to see the informational powerpoint and future dates for meetings.

Lastly, in words of one of the founders Sumedha Dondapati, she describes the club as, “Our goal with this club is to create a place where students interested in the medical field or any other healthcare related career can get a chance to try new opportunities in that area through volunteering and speaker panels and overall just have an opportunity to see if this path is for them!”