The NFL and All Its Issues

Source: LogoBrands

By Elijah Silverman

The NFL is having lots of problems right now; the league seems to be facing multiple accusations of it being rigged, concussions are now at an all-time high, and players are getting in more trouble than ever and the NFL can’t handle it. There are major issues, and the real question is: can some other league really take over as the main league, or better yet, is there a chance that the league’s concussion issue will worsen and players will start retiring earlier?

The NFL is currently facing people accusing it of being rigged. The truth is that it probably isn’t; if the league were rigged, more players would have already admitted it. However, the NFL has no real way to prove the league isn’t rigged unless they adopt the XFL’s new camera, where they show their replay people actively talking to the refs and making the correct decisions that would prove their games aren’t rigged. If the league doesn’t do that (which they probably won’t) then people will continue to question their actions. There is always a chance the NFL is rigged, but most people should assume it isn’t.

In addition, NFL players keep getting concussions and the especially high numbers this season have damaged the league’s image. The NFL keeps changing the helmets and rules in an attempt to prevent concussions, but they can’t, and have actually in some weird way shown that they can’t do anything about it. Also, the Miami Dolphins exposed the NFL by showing that any team can lie about player health to let them play. All in all, this can only end badly for the league.

Lastly, players are getting in more and more trouble. The worst thing about it is that when the league needs to step up, they can’t. Last year, the NFL decided to have a new way of suspending players by letting a judge decide, only whenever the judge made a decision the league always overruled it. So, the NFL once again took another step backwards.

The NFL is headed toward a possible end. The real question is whether or not they will be able to save it. As of right now, the NFL is facing a lot of issues that they may or may not be able to properly handle.