APRIL FOOLS – North and South to start Unity in Diversity clubs


After years of bartering and negotiations, North and South have both successfully obtained approval to start Unity in Diversity clubs on the same scale as East. However, as part of said bartering and negotiating, they will not be able to perform the hour long shows that East’s Unity in Diversity is known for. Instead, North’s Unity in Diversity will have an art festival at the end of the year, while South’s Unity in Diversity will be more storytelling based. 

North’s Unity in Diversity aims to capitalize on their outstanding art program. All artwork will be made by students over the course of the year, inspired by foreign styles. Art will include recreations of famous pieces of art, sculptures, fashion, and more. Students will be allowed to work on pieces during the school day in preparation for a final outdoor showcase. Admission is expected to be $5 to view the artwork, which will then go towards purchasing supplies and refreshments for the show next year. The newly formed Unity in Diversity aims to have over fifty unique pieces representing at least ten different cultures by the end of the year.  Pieces of art that North has plans to recreate so far include the Mona Lisa, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, and Bob Ross classics. While a large task, it should be easily possible over the course of a school year. North’s new Unity in Diversity aims high and will be a treat for the eyes as students prepare wonderful pieces of art based on various countries and cultures.

South’s Unity in Diversity will be a combination of entertainment and learning by reading and performing literature from various cultures. Throughout the year, they will host smaller meetings focused on one culture at a time. There, they will present and read literature from the selected region. This may be in the form of plays, reciting the piece out loud, or through pictures. South aims to have a more educational and constant approach to their Unity in Diversity, with multiple events throughout the year compared to the one show that East and North put on. A few works that South has already made plans to showcase include Don Quixote, Houseki no Kuni, and the Bible. South’s approach to showcasing the different cultures within their school is certainly different from North and East, but it will be an exciting experience nonetheless.

With North and South starting their own Unity in Diversity clubs, the district hopes that more people within the schools recognize and value the importance of cultural diversity within the schools. As more clubs are started to highlight this importance, many look on excitedly to what will be coming in the upcoming year.