Lil Nas X Hosts Virtual Concert on ROBLOX

Source: ROBLOX

By James Liu

On Saturday, November 14th, Roblox hosted a concert featuring Lil Nas X. It included models of Lil Nas X in various costumes from different songs, including “Old Town Road”, “Panini”, “Rodeo”, and his new single, “Holiday”. Before the show, players could collect little tokens that gave them an emote that they could use in other games. At the actual concert, I attended the second showing, it certainly was an experience. Lil Nas X’s character was oddly realistic and much larger than the attendees. Players could use emotes and dance along at home to the music while Lil Nas X walked around and did a few moves himself. Using enough emotes would let you jump into the air with electric energy and come crashing down with power. The concert lasted about 20 minutes from the time it began.

Overall, it was a very impressive and fun technological display that showed what Roblox was capable of in the modern day, with four full maps for each song performed, pretty good animations for Lil Nas X, and a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Included are various photos I took while attending the concert with friends at 1 AM.


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