Happy Thanksgiving, East!


Written by Colleen Meosky

It’s Thanksgiving week and East is ready to enjoy it! 37 East students participated in a survey to describe their Thanksgiving views. Here’s what we learned:

Favorite Side Dish?

While there are so many great side options for a Thanksgiving dinner, mashed potatoes are definitely the most beloved with 56.8% of the participant vote. One person wrote in sweet potatoes as their favorite.

Forms response chart. Question title: Favorite side dish?. Number of responses: 37 responses.

Dress Up or Sweatpants?

This was a close topic coming down to one vote. Slightly more people prefer to dress up for the holiday than to hang out in sweatpants.

Do you like turkey?

As Thanksgiving is so often dubbed ‘Turkey Day,’ how many people truly enjoy this staple of the holiday? 48.6% they’ll eat turkey, but they didn’t vote yes to liking it. 18.9% of participants voted for the ‘Ew’ option. Maybe Thanksgiving should be renamed Mashed Potatoes Day but I guess that doesn’t have a great ring to it.

Favorite Pie

As an avid pie lover, I was very alarmed to find out that 10.8% of the participants dislike it. Besides that, apple pie seems to be a crowd pleaser with the most votes. There was a write in for lemon meringue. I didn’t vote in the survey, but in case you are wondering, my favorite for Thanksgiving would be pecan. Please enjoy this pie chart

Overall Best Thanksgiving FoodForms response chart. Question title: Favorite pie?. Number of responses: 37 responses.

Mashed potatoes won East’s favorite Thanksgiving dish this year with 37.8% of the vote. Pie earned second place with 21.6%. 

Forms response chart. Question title: Overall best Thanksgiving food?. Number of responses: 37 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: Overall best Thanksgiving food?. Number of responses: 37 responses.

When do you put up December holiday decorations, if any?

Some East students will be spending this weekend getting ready for December holiday spirit, and some already have their houses decked out! However, 42.9% of participants will be waiting to decorate until early/mid-December, and 20% will be doing it last minute, just in time for the holiday they celebrate. 

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

There were two obvious themes. Seventeen responses mentioned the word family, and eleven were related to food. People shared cute family traditions such as watching the dog show, watching movies, playing Twister with cousins, football, and simply relaxing on the couch. One response stated, “I like sticking my pinky finger out when we do ‘cheers’ and clink the glasses like civilized people.”

It’s very clear that these students appreciate the family time Thanksgiving brings them. Many responses mentioning family included that they are unable to be together this year. The CDC and New York State have released safety warnings for the holiday season and are encouraging people to stay home and spend Thanksgiving with only people you live in quarantine with. While it’s not fun to miss these fun traditions this year, it is our heartbreaking reality. COVID-19 is a serious threat and must be taken seriously so families can be together safely once again. Please stay safe this holiday, make wise decisions, and have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Please look over these CDC guidelines and advisories regarding Thanksgiving celebrations https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays.html


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