First Film Festival


On May 30th, English teacher Mr. Huber will be holding East’s first Filmmakers Festival from 7-8:30pm in the Auditorium. This festival will display student made short films for other students to view.

As it is in the Auditorium, no food or drinks will be allowed or available.

The options for what to create for the festival are limitless. In a WITSMail to East students, Mr. Huber provided a list of possible ideas, including shorts, animations, news reports, parodies, music videos, documentaries, mockumentaries, interviews, class projects, etc.

No awards will be given for the films; the purpose is instead to give students the opportunity to show their video creations to others and view what other students have created.

Films can be submitted through Google Classroom using the code tl45pk by the 24th, to give Mr. Huber time to view and approve everything submitted. Students can submit more than one film, but not all might be shown based on time availability.

“With Unity in Diversity, students have a place to share and learn about different cultures, and with the Coffehouse event, students have a place to perform in a fun and inviting environment,” Mr. Huber said.

“There just isn’t any place for students to share their work as filmmakers. This is not a contest and there are no awards–this is just a place to celebrate their work.”

Gabriel Guo, East Side News Editor-in-Chief and a student planning to submit a video created by him and some other East Side News staff, said, “I’m super excited to make my film debut. I play an interesting role that I’m sure will surprise viewers.”

“I am counting down the hours until I get to watch films with my friends,” said Junior Alex Shapiro.

AP Language and Composition student Kathleen Greenman said, “It’s such a wonderful experience that Mr. Huber has created for us. If only he gave us extra credit for submitting.”


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