Does Draymond Green Want Out?

Source: Clutchpoints

By Elijah Silverman

Draymond Green is a great NBA player who has won 4 championships and has been DPOY. He has been with the Golden State Warriors for the entirety of his career. However, I believe he really isn’t that good. Draymond used to be great, but now he can’t even score, so he is just a defender. I believe Draymond does actually know this deep down, and maybe he wants a chance to revive his career one more time and bring some terrible team to the championship–maybe a team like the Lakers.

Now, over the summer, Draymond actually punched his teammate Jordan Poole and the people said it has something to do with money and contract extensions, but maybe he really did it so that the Warriors would get rid of him. I also believe Draymond will opt in to his major contract, and he knows the Warriors don’t want to pay that, but a team that would pay an old man the bag is the LA Lakers.

Dray has also expressed interest in playing with LeBron James, who is a Laker. The Benefits of Dray becoming a Laker are huge. He gets to pass the ball to the goat and run pick and roll with AD, and on top of that, he stays in the same state that he has been in his whole career. It’s a win-win scenario. Despite all this, I believe Dray will remain in the Bay area because there is no real reason for him to leave, but the Lakers would be a perfect match for old Draymond Green.