Dash and Lily Review

Source: ETonline

By Joelle Silvestri and Thza Kanapathipillai

‘Tis the season to binge-watch a new Netflix show! With the holidays approaching, Netflix has released the new Christmas rom-com series, Dash and Lily. The show takes place in New York City around Christmas time and focuses on two teens, Dash and Lily. When we first meet Dash, he seems to have resentment towards the holiday season, and he is bitter towards people that enjoy the holidays. He narrates that he is a child of divorce and that he is alone this Christmas. Lily is the opposite of Dash. She loves the holiday season and can’t understand why anybody would hate such a wonderful time of the year. However, her Christmas traditions are flipped on their head when she finds out that her parents decided to go on vacation to Fiji. Lily is now left to fend for herself for the holidays, putting a damper on her Christmas spirit. Amid her loneliness, Lily writes out a scavenger hunt in a notebook and leaves it on a shelf at her favorite book store. Dash takes the bait while he is browsing one day. Once Dash completes the scavenger hunt, he responds to her, and from that day on they become penpals. They learn more about each other by leaving each other clues and dares and putting the book in different places. As the show progresses, not only do Dash and Lily become friends, but a romance begins to build between them. 

The show does bear some resemblance to Hallmark movies, but there are also quite a few differences. For example, in Hallmark movies, everything usually goes perfectly, and the plot of each movie is pretty predictable. Dash and Lily takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions where you think that something good is finally going to happen, but it just goes wrong…as is life. This show also brought in so many different perspectives with alternating narrators making it entertaining to watch each character’s progression.


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